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Aetna Health Insurance


The third largest insurer in the nation offers great plans to the country’s second largest state. Aetna has stood the test of time, with the same brand name offering insurance products for over 160 years.

In Texas, Aetna carries on and off exchange individual and family health plans, with access to great networks and a few different plan options. In the years since health reform started, Aetna has acquired other major insurers including Coventry and Humana.

Aetna holds a Commendable status accreditation from the NCQA for commercial (individual and group) HMO/POS, and PPO plans. The Open Access Managed Choice network is the HMO, which provides the cost saving options of managed care with the freedom of a PPO. Their Texas PPO network is separate, though the plans are identical.

Aetna is a highly trusted Texas insurer, and is always growing and changing to fit the needs of its members and potential members. Their provider network consists of over 1 million health care professionals nationally, and 5,400 hospitals to offer in-network options whether in or out of the coverage area.



Aetna Individual Plans in Texas

Aetna continues to provide Open Access, Copay Only and High Deductible plan designs, and are now organized by metallic tier – Bronze, Silver and Gold. Browse current plan options in the brochure below or read about each policy type and view a Summary of Benefits.


Compare All Texas Individual Plans: Plan Brochure


Open Access Plans

With Open Access plans, you aren’t required to choose a primary care doctor. However, in-network providers will offer a discounted rate, or you can visit out of network providers at coinsurance. In-network care is the most affordable with copays for office visits and generic prescriptions.

Bronze Plans in Texas

Bronze coverage has the most affordable monthly premiums, but high deductibles can make them a less than ideal option for everyone. If you’re a younger, healthier applicant and need only a few office visits per year or to meet the coverage requirement, Bronze plans are usually a perfect fit.

As you can see in the documentation below, each plan’s Summary of Benefits and Coverage, several Texas plans cover services such as prescriptions and office visits for a small copay before deductible.


Bronze $20 Copay PD

Bronze $20 Copay Austin Community PD

Bronze HSA Eligible Austin Community PD

Bronze $20 Copay San Antonio Community PD

Bronze HSA Eligible San Antonio Community PD

Memorial Hermann Bronze $20 Copay PD

Memorial Hermann Bronze HSA Eligible PD


Silver Plans in Texas

Silver policies offer lower copays upfront for healthcare services like primary and specialist doctor visits, and much less exposure than a Bronze-level plan. The individual deductible is $2,750 annually with a maximum out-of-pocket of $6,000, which is high yet includes the deductible.

After deductible, you pay 30% coinsurance. Services such as urgent care, prenatal and postnatal care, and emergency room visits are covered at copay with in-network providers.


Silver $5 Copay 2750 PD

Silver $10 Copay PD

Silver $5 Copay 2750 Austin Community PD

Silver $10 Copay Austin Community PD

Silver $5 Copay 2750 San Antonio Community PD

Silver $10 Copay San Antonio Community PD

Memorial Hermann Silver $5 Copay 2750 PD

Memorial Hermann Silver $10 Copay PD


Gold Plans in Texas

Texas Gold policies offer the highest level of Aetna coverage and you pay 20% after deductible on services such as hospitalization and chiropractic care. Copays are fixed for prescriptions and office visits, and Gold plans include the least amount of out-of-pocket expense as the annual deductible is $1,400 for a single policyholder.

If you anticipate regular medical care and prescriptions throughout the year for your health conditions, a Gold-level plan is a great choice for savings and overall value.


Gold $5 Copay Austin Community PD

Gold $5 Copay PD

Gold $5 Copay San Antonio Community PD

Memorial Hermann Gold $5 Copay PD



Find out how much these plans will cost in your area by getting a free, no obligation health insurance quote for research, or to apply instantly. Contact us at 888 803 5917 to speak directly with an agent about Aetna or other plans.