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San Antonio has experienced an 18% increase in population since 2000, and is currently the 7th largest metropolitan area in the US. With this population boom has come a boom in healthcare options available to the people of San Antonio, as well. As a major metropolitan area, most major carriers service the city and each carrier has many different plans available. Whether you are shopping based on price points or based on types of coverage, there is a lot of flexibility for the San Antonio market. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, Aetna, Cigna and UnitedHealthOne (underwritten by Golden Insurance Company) all have introduced plans with lower rates. Statistically, San Antonio ranked low in 2006 for the number of people who have health insurance compared to the rest of the state, yet the city boasts world-class medical facilities, including the prestigious University of Health Science Center (located in the 900-acre South Texas Medical Center, which houses nine major hospitals) and the world-class burn treatment facility at the Brooke Army Medical Center. With such a large network of medical facilities available to you, it is imperative if you live in San Antonio to research all your health care options in order to pick a plan that best suits you or your family.


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San Antonio in Bexar County, Texas

So, here it is: a 34-year-old male in San Antonio, Texas shopping for a Texas health insurance policy. In order to make it fair, I used the same assumption (or as close as I could get) to run all the quotes.  I tried to get an average $2,000 deductible and a total maximum out of pocket or exposure of $4,000 including both the deductible and coinsurance costs. The results are both Silver and Gold tier plans, with the Gold winning hands down in overall coverage and low exposure.

The other health insurance assumptions for this example include up front office visit copays, in other words, you pay a copay not a deductible to go to the doctor’s office.  The same applies to prescription coverage in this San Antonio Health Insurance example.

Surprisingly, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas’ HMO is not the most affordable in this range, but Humana actually takes the top spot at $255 per month for their Gold 2500 HMO plan.