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Plano Texas Health Insurance Quotes

With a population of just under 300,000 the Plano health insurance market in Collin County is quite large, and with all the self-employed in Plano, individual health insurance is a popular product. Get a Plano health insurance quote from six major health insurance companies now to see which plan offers your family the best and most affordable plans.

The Plano Health Insurance Market and a Sample Quote

Plano health insurance is simply more expensive then other areas in Texas.  The reason?  Most likely because health care costs are higher in Texas then in other areas due to higher incomes and salaries for health care professionals.  In any case, I ran a sample health insurance quote for a 50-year-old male and I was pretty surprised at the findings. Not the findings themselves per se, but the fact that they are so different then other cities in Texas.

The cheapest plan in Plano is of course Scott & White (unless you have a preexisting medical situation, call us at 888 803 5917 if you do). Even better than the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas Gold HMO plan, which is another excellent choice for its low deductible of $1,500. Statewide, Scott & White tends to be the winner of the Texas health insurance award for offering the most health insurance for the least money, and the same goes for Plano.

Scott & White Health PlanSilver 2500/30OV$416 – An HMO with many strong benefits including unlimited copays for a number of services from primary care to emergency room visits. Prescriptions are affordably priced and it’s an overall good value.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of TexasBlue Advantage Gold HMO 002 $489 – A perfect choice if you demand the Blue Cross name, and a great value in Plano. $3,500 maximum out of pocket and copays for urgent care, MRIs, pre and postnatal maternity care, and even a $0 copay for generic drugs.

United Health One (Golden Rule)Silver Copay Select 2$492 – Moderate coverage for an average price, including $15 Tier 1 drug copays. Limited copays for office visits before deductible, however it is a best selling policy that might be very competitive in other demographics.

CignamyCigna Health Flex 2750$509 – A good option here and well priced. Benefits are good enough (not great) and the network is growing very quickly as they continue to expand in the individual health insurance market.

AetnaSilver $5 Copay 2750 $537 –  A good choice in Plano. Great benefits, an inexpensive trip to the doctor and they never rescind coverage or deny benefits, but more pricey than some others.

Humana OneGold 2500$656 – Not a good value and all aspects of this plan are just average in Plano.