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McAllen, Texas had its population explode from just over 100,000 people in 2000 to over 700,000 by 2007. While this is an interesting stat, it is not what makes McAllen unique. What makes this border town unique is that it is the second most expensive town in America for health care.

This is an oddity that is even harder to explain given that the county it is in, Hidalgo, has the lowest household income average in the country. In 2006, Medicare spent around $15,000 per person in the county, which is nearly twice the national average.

The reason for this appears to be that in McAllen, people are heavily treated and tested when they see a doctor for a health issue. Looking at the Medicare stats, in every category, McAllen doctors went crazy with treatments and tests, and received a large percentage more of every treatment than what the average is. It seems that instead of using their knowledge to treat patients, doctors are simply running them through a battery of tests, most unnecessary, and that has caused the price of insurance to skyrocket.


McAllen, Texas Health Insurance Scenario Premium Cases

To find quotes for just what insurance does cost in McAllen, Texas, I used the same scenario I always use across the board: I searched for a 34-year-old male shopping for a Texas health insurance policy.

I tried to get a $2,000 deductible and a total maximum out of pocket, or exposure, of $3,500 including both the deductible and coinsurance costs.  Some companies are at $4,000 but realistically only 2 -3% of people pass this exposure per year, so the $500 shouldn’t be a factor.

The health insurance assumptions for this example include up front office visit copays, in other words, you pay a copay not a deductible to go to the doctor’s office.  The same applies to prescription coverage in this McAllen Health Insurance example.

Below we ran some sample health insurance quotes for McAllen, Texas health insurance comparison samples.  I used a $2,000 deductible and and tried to keep the plan as similar as possible for the sake of comparison.

In this case, UnitedHealthOne wins the award for the most coverage for the least money. However, it is not as simple as that due to the fact that the Blue Cross plan might offer more copay benefits before reaching the calendar year deductible. Humana is the most expensive but not by much. Of course, for every demographic in every zip code and every family size type there is a different winner.

The best thing to do is run a Texas health insurance quote and then let us explain the plans available to you in your particular zip code, as to further complicate the issue there is the fact that certain Texas health insurance plans are not available in every region.