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Lubbock Health Insurance

Lubbock Health Insurance Quotes

East Coast Health Insurance offers a few great health insurance companies in the Lubbock health insurance market, which includes just over 200,000 residents.  For an instant, affordable Lubbock health insurance quote click the picture above, or keep reading for a brief overview and review of the Lubbock health insurance market.

The Lubbock Health Insurance Market and Sample Quotes

The Lubbock health insurance market is a little different then some of the other cities/regions in Texas. The pricing is very different, number one, and secondly there is a great, small HMO called FirstCare, which is hands down the most affordable health insurance plan in Lubbock. FirstCare’s premiums are amazingly low!

FirstCare Health Plans (FirstCare) was founded in 1985, and is owned by two religious-based health systems including Covenant Health Systems in Lubbock and Hendrick Health Systems in Abilene.  Currently, they insure about 200,000 Texans all located in either Lubbock or Abilene.  They provide amazing benefits at even more amazing pricing.

If you live in either Abilene or Lubbock, you will want to consider FirstCare, which is currently only offered through the Texas Marketplace. You can buy a Marketplace policy regardless of whether you qualify for a subsidy.

FirstCare Texas Health Insurance Benefit Summary

So, I ran a sample Lubbock health insurance quote for a 59-year-old male and here are the results along with some reviews.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of TexasBlue Advantage Gold HMO $670 – Your first choice if you are a 59-year-old male shopping off-exchange individual plans. Of course, if you want to find out if you qualify for a tax credit you have access to the FirstCare policies which will likely be cheaper.

United Health One (Golden Rule)Silver Copay Select 2 $673 – Comparatively priced to Blue Cross, the Silver Copay plan is an EPO, which allows you to see a specialist without a referral and provider rates tend to be lower. As a Silver plan, you pay 30% coinsurance after deductible, which makes the Blue plan a better deal in this age group.

Humana One Gold 2500 ChoiceCare PPO$705 – The most costly option in Lubbock. If you have preexisting conditions requiring provider network flexibility, this happens to be one of the only PPOs in the area and could be worth the extra cost.