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Laredo Health Insurance

The Laredo health insurance market includes just over 200,000 residents and offers plans from several respected health insurance companies.  For a Laredo health insurance quote for you and/or your family, click above to see which plan is the most affordable for you.

The Laredo Health Insurance Market Overview and Reviews

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas – for the most part, the best choice in Laredo.  They have simply, the most health insurance for the least money in the most demographics.  Everyone should consider them when buying a policy – period.

Humana One – Pretty affordable in Laredo and consistently in the top 3 in price.  Their plan benefits are very straight forward with no bells or whistles.  The network is merely OK in Texas, but pretty strong nationwide.

United Health One – Same as Humana, but overall a few dollars cheaper.  In a head to head competition, I will usually choose United over Humana just because their prescription coverage is great.  However, Humana has a lower exposure than United, which has a higher coinsurance amount then Humana.  ($1,000 with United Silver vs. $500 with the Humana Gold plans).