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Fort Worth Health Insurance

The Fort Worth health insurance market is just over 700,000 residents and has several companies that have been approved by our tough standards.  Get a Fort Worth health insurance quote now to see which company is the most affordable for you and your family.

There are six companies in Fort Worth that East Coast Health Insurance thinks are good enough for you and your family, including Aetna, AARP, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, Cigna, Humana One, and United Health One.


The Fort Worth Health Insurance Market

So, which company is the most affordable in Fort Worth? Well, sadly its not even close.

Scott & White offers the only plan in this demographic under $300/month with unlimited primary care visit copays and a $2,500 deductible. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas is also cheaper than the competition with a Gold $10 copay plan with a low $1,500 deductible.

In other words, in Fort Worth across nearly every demographic Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas will be the right choice, unless there are other factors including medical situations or unusual family size. Unusual family size would include like a single parent family with more then 3 kids.  In this case, Aetna is very affordable, for instance, because they have the same pricing for 1 child and for 10 children.

Cigna and Aetna carry similar products with comparable rates averaging about $350 per month for a 34-year-old male with $2,750 deductibles and unlimited office visit and prescription copays.

And finally, there is Humana at $446 per month which as I said is simply not competitive however, they are competitive in many other demographics so make sure to consider their plans when pricing health insurance plans in Fort Worth.





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