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In El Paso, there are three main health insurance companies offering reputable and affordable (depending on your perspective, I suppose) health insurance.  Health insurance premiums are fixed and no agent can offer discounts or different premiums, but East Coast Health Insurance only offers health insurance plans that we ourselves have had or would have.

We offer Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, Humana One, and United Health Care in El Paso.  We don’t offer Celtic or Freedom, both of which have a high amount of insurance department complaints and other factors.

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The El Paso Health Insurance Market

I ran some sample health insurance quotes in El Paso using a deductible of $2,500, with the exception of Blue Cross Blue Shield, and choosing only plans that offered office visit and prescription coverage before the deductible.  Some of the companies have coinsurance or copayments that go up to $3,000, but overall they have annual out of pocket maximums of a total (including deductible and all coinsurance) of $5,500.

I ran these quotes on myself, a 34-year-old male, in El Paso and here are the results.



2-humana79901 3-uhc79901

Its pretty obvious that Blue Cross Blue Shield offers the most coverage at the lowest premium.  If you have something against Blue Cross Blue Shield then I would recommend Humana, even though Humana One offers the second most affordable plan.

Additionally, if these plans are out of your price range and you think you qualify for financial help with your insurance costs, your Texas Marketplace options will be completely different.

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