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Corpus Christi Health Insurance

East Coast Health Insurance offers a choice of respected, affordable health insurance plans in Corpus Christi.  For an instant Corpus Christi health insurance quote click the button above, or read on to get a brief overview of the health insurance market in Corpus Christi, as well as reviews of all the different companies.

We currently offer three plans in Corpus Christi, including Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, Humana and United Health One.  Depending on your zip code and demographics any of these companies could be the best choice for you.

Corpus Christi Sample Health Insurance Quote and Reviews

So, I ran a sample health insurance quote on a 50 year old male in Corpus Christi to find the most affordable plan for this specific demographic as an example. All of the plans I selected are virtually identical. The only difference is that some of them have higher coinsurance amounts then others, but they all include office visit and prescription coverage before the deductible.

United Health One (Golden Rule)Silver Copay Select 2$393.93 –  Great pricing here, and the most affordable choice if this is your demographic. If you get approved with both United and Blue Cross, however, go with Blue Cross – that is a no brainer.

Humana One Gold 2500/Corpus Christi HMOx $395.15 – Plan is very well-priced here, and would be my first choice. If there are medical conditions, then by all means apply away as it is best to get as many options as possible when pricing insurance.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of TexasBlue Advantage Gold HMO  – $429.60 – Not the best premium rate in this demographic, but consistently the most affordable plan in Texas with the most benefits in nearly every demographic. You’ll notice the significantly lower deductible at $1,500, as Blue Cross doesn’t offer a deductible between $1500 and $3000. The affordable $10 office visit copays are beneficial for anyone approaching an advanced age.