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Austin Health Insurance

The Austin health insurance market is actually quite large, with 3/4 of a million residents and about six good health insurance companies to choose from.

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The Austin Health Insurance Market

I have highlighted the main companies in my research into Austin’s health insurance market, including Aetna, Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, Humana One, and a small HMO called Scott & White which looks not only affordable but extremely benefit rich and is a nonprofit company. But they are an HMO, so if you prefer PPO plans you will want to disregard Scott & White.

Scott & White is closely affiliated with its sponsoring organizations, Scott & White Clinic and Medical Center. The Scott & White network includes over 1,600 providers and 27 hospitals in the central Texas area, but is not nearly as big as Blue Cross, for example. I will tell you that you will have less out pocket with Scott & White and that they are easily the best bargain in Austin.

As mentioned, Scott & White Health Plan Silver 2500 is the most affordable option in this range – with $30 copays for primary doctor visits, $50 copays for urgent care and 20% coinsurance on more costly services like hospitalization. There is a higher out of pocket maximum of $6,500, a potential drawback for some, but it does include the $2,500 deductible.

The next company that I found was Humana Gold 2500/Austin HMOx, offering an appealing balance of reasonable copays and deductible for $261.81 monthly. The $3,500 maximum out of pocket includes the deductible, and coinsurance is 20% in the Gold Tier.

Aetna Silver $5 Copay on the other hand, has much more exposure at $6,000 OOP. UnitedHealthcare offers a Silver Copay plan with only 4 office visits covered at copay, and neither of these two are my choice in this range. But if you have established relationships with providers who happen to be in network with either plan, it may be a reason to consider their Silver or Gold plans.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas doesn’t offer much with deductibles between $1000-$3000. The most comparable plan for this range is a Gold HMO with $10 PCP visit copays and 20% coinsurance. This policy would suit Austinites who prefer the BCBSTX provider network and a lower deductible.

Cigna’s myCigna Health Flex 2750 wins the unfortunate award for offering the least amount of health insurance for the most money in Austin. UnitedHealthcare is slowly tanking as a company, with many of their individual plans receiving negative feedback from members. Cigna is a fairly new entrant to the market (2009 was their first year) and is pretty competitive in other demographics.

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