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Arlington Health Insurance Quotes

East Coast Health Insurance offers several health insurance companies in Arlington. To see which is the most affordable plan for you and/or your family, run your own Arlington health insurance quote now or keep reading to see our recommendations and sample quotes.

Currently in Texas, we are offering Aetna, AARP, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, Cigna, Humana One, and United Health Care (United Health One is the name of their individual plans).


The Arlington Health Insurance Market

To get a feel for the Arlington health insurance market, I ran some sample quotes and used a 50-year-old male in Arlington as my sample demographic.  To be fair to all the companies I chose a $2,500 deductible plan with a maximum out of pocket (including coinsurance and/or copayments) of $5,500 at most, some came in lower, but all plans include office visit and prescription coverage before the deductible with copayments.

Remember that if you’re shopping on a truly limited budget, the Texas Health Insurance Marketplace will have completely different offerings and costs are adjusted according to your yearly income.

Here are the results:







As we’ve seen in other Texas cities and different demographics, Scott & White Health Plan ranks number one without comparison. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas offers a Gold plan with a far lower deductible than any other carrier in this comparison. You might consider it worth $489 if you’re an average 50-year-old in Arlington with health needs.

But because we are all human, most of the people that are over 50 will be taking some kind of medication and that is where Blue Cross and Blue Shield will shine.  So if you have any kind of health issues, we usually recommend applying with more than one company to be sure to get the most competitive quote after factoring in any conditions.

So, for this fictional 50-year-old, assuming total perfect health I would apply with Scott & White.  If there were mitigating factors such as a hypertension (high blood pressure) medication, I would also throw in applications with both Blue Cross and Aetna.

Remember this picture will look very different for you (unless you are a 50 year old male) and this sample quote is not a good indicator at all for you.  So, run your own Arlington health insurance quote now!