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Amarillo Health Insurance

Amarillo is a very Texan city, mixing authentic cowboy culture with a modern, corporate downtown. The essence of a Texas lifestyle are represented in Amarillo, with rodeos and steak houses ready to give anyone a cholesterol condition.

The need for health insurance is just as prevalent in Amarillo as any other American city. With 6 million uninsured residents statewide, the Amarillo population is catching up with the requirement for health insurance with Marketplace plans and buying individual coverage direct from the carrier.

Amarillo has a few options for individual and family health insurance plans including Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, UnitedHealthOne and Humana. If you’re shopping the Health Insurance Marketplace, you can find different carriers and plans available. Premiums and cost sharing amounts will also vary with on-exchange plans, as they are income-based.

To find out what you qualify for and compare a wider set of policy options, call at agent at 888 803 5917.



Sample Amarillo Health Insurance Quote

The following Amarillo sample quote is for a 34-year-old, nonsmoking male. Underwriting is no longer a factor under health reform, but tobacco use can still increase your rates. For plan selection, I looked for a low deductible averaging at $2,000 and a reasonable out of pocket limit not exceeding $5,000.

Each plan featured below also includes essentials like office visit and prescription copays. In Amarillo, most of the area’s Silver products have too much exposure, starting with high deductibles.

The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas Blue Advantage Gold HMO shines as one of the most affordable policies in the city at only $294! It covers 80% of major medical care after a mere $1,500 deductible and you pay $10 for unlimited primary doctor visits year-round. The clear winner in Amarillo and always a Texas favorite for network selection and benefits.

For nearly the same monthly rate as Blue Cross, UnitedHealthOne‘s Silver Copay Select plan offers less coverage and isn’t my first choice in the city, unless your providers are in-network. It’s also an EPO, a nice feature if you don’t want to bother with specialist referrals required by the HMOs on this list.

Humana Gold 2500 is an HMO policy, and frankly too expensive for this demographic. The price is not competitive, but run a quote for yourself and you could be surprised.






Of course, this is just one example and doesn’t apply to all Amarillo residents. Get your own quote for the most accurate rates, and feel free to call a licensed health insurance agent for assistance at 888 803 5917.