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CHIP Program in Texas

Texas Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

The Children’s Health Insurance Program is available to uninsured children in Texas, offering low cost medical services to those who qualify. The program is available to children whose household income is too high to be eligible for Children’s Medicaid, though are still without health insurance. CHIP covers many types of care, including dental visits, cleanings, and fillings, vision exams and eyewear, routine checkups, doctor’s office visits, hospital care, prescriptions, vaccinations, and more.

Similar to having a comprehensive health plan through an insurer, you can expect the usual types of care and related supplies to be covered by CHIP. Costs for CHIP vary based on your income level. Because CHIP eligibility is based on the fact that income is higher than Medicaid, services are not free of cost, though copays are very low. For example, doctor’s office visit copays can range from $3 to $5 for families with a lower income, to $25 to $35 for those with a high level of income.


CHIP Eligibility and Income Guidelines

To qualify for CHIP, the child must be a Texas resident, and prove their U.S. citizenship or legal permanent residency. Only the child is required to be a U.S. citizen or legal resident in Texas, as immigration status of the parent is not taken into consideration for CHIP eligibility. Children who are eligible must also be under the age of 19, and have a household income less than or equal to the designated amount for each family size.

Pregnant women are also able to receive coverage through CHIP Perinatal, which provides prenatal care for low income women of any age. Individuals who are 19 or younger and live independently can apply for CHIP, as well as those who live with parents. Below are the income limits per household by the month and year allowed in Texas to receive CHIP benefits.


Family Size                Monthly Income                 Yearly Income

1                                           $1862                                           $22,340

2                                           $2522                                           $30,260

3                                           $3182                                           $38,180

4                                           $3842                                           $46,100

5                                           $4502                                           $54,020

6                                           $5162                                           $61,940

7                                           $5822                                           $69,860

8                                           $6482                                           $77,780


About CHIP Providers

Medical and dental services offered by CHIP in Texas are delivered by private managed care plans. Each of these plans develops and maintains its own network of providers through a major carrier or a regional health plan. You can choose a carrier based on what plans are available in your location. Below is a list of each medical and dental provider offering CHIP plans throughout the state of Texas. To view the member handbooks for each of these plans, scroll to the bottom of this page on the HHSC site.

CHIP Medical Plans

Aetna Better Health


Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas

CHRISTUS Health Plan

Community First Health Plans

Community Health Choice

Cook Children’s Health Plan

Driscoll Children’s Health Plan

El Paso First CHIP

FirstCare CHIP

Molina Healthcare of Texas

Parkland KIDSfirst

Sendero Health Plans

Seton Health Plan

Superior HealthPlan

Texas Children’s Health Plan

UnitedHealthcare Community Plan

CHIP Dental Plans

Delta Dental Insurance Company


MCNA Dental


CHIP Enrollment Fee

In order to apply for CHIP, you are required to pay an enrollment fee. You can either send your payment by check or money order in the mail, or pay online with a credit card. Click here to find out more or pay online. To send a check or money order, address it to the following:


P.O. Box 660287

Dallas, Texas 75266-9792



Texas HHSC: CHIP and Children’s Medicaid

Apply for CHIP in Texas

HHSC CHIP call center: 877-543-7669 or 800-647-6558

CHIP Processing Center:


P.O. Box 14200

Midland, Texas 79711-4200