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Health Assistance

In Texas, there are many programs available to those that need health insurance and can’t afford it or can’t qualify for it medically. For those that can afford health insurance but cannot qualify, the state of Texas offers a state risk pool called the Texas Health Insurance Risk Pool (Health Pool).

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In order to qualify for the risk pool you need to be, number one, HIPAA eligible or ineligible medically for a private plan. This proof consists of either being turned down for coverage because of health, or receiving a certificate from an agent saying that the agent is unable to find coverage due to health issues.  You can also qualify if you are accepted but hit with permanent riders on your medical conditions which would reduce benefits. Lastly, if a private plan is rated up due to medical conditions to be more expensive than the risk pool, you will also qualify.

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Our Texas Public Resource Section for Health Care

This is our table of contents page for this section on the Texas public health programs available to those that don’t qualify for health insurance, and we will discuss each relevant program in this section from the Texas Medicaid program to a list of all the Free Clinics in Texas.