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2011 Texas Health Insurance Complaint Index


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Here is our list of our preferred, for the most part, Texas health (and life) insurance companies, and the total amount of complaints received in 2011.  Additionally, we have the total number of issued policies which enables us to show the complaint index, which a ratio that takes into account statistical anomalies.  So for instance, ACE American Insurance (whoever that is) only has 1,350 policies and just 2 complaints which gives them an inflated index.  Of course, there is no way to know if they will keep that extremely high pace going were they to issue more policies.

Celtic always does badly on these reports in every state and Texas is no different, and Blue Cross usually does well and also performed well in Texas.

Below are the results for each company mentioned throughout our Texas site, and Celtic, who we sell in other states and included as a comparison for quality purposes. For the full report with all Texas accident, life, and health insurance companies, visit the Texas Department of Insurance.