East Coast Health Insurance is the leader in affordable, honest Texas health insurance quotes. We will get you health insurance or health coverage every time, regardless of your health history or financial situation. How?  Because we are in touch with every Texas government assistance plan and free clinic, and of course, we additionally offer every great Texas health insurance plan from Blue Cross to Aetna to all HMO’s.

Our current health insurance plans in Texas include Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, CignaHumana, and United Health Care. We only offer reputable health insurance companies and will get licensed with a state specific health insurance company only if they pass our stringent testing of their products.  We have actually dropped health insurance companies from our portfolio for this very reason including some of the smaller HMO’s that attempted to raise coinsurance levels of exposure.

You can apply for any of these Texas health insurance plans right now online after getting an instant Texas health insurance quote.  So, you can quote, compare and apply, or of course, you can tap out anytime you want to and call us to help you wade through the multiple options in the Texas health insurance market.

How To Buy Health Insurance In Texas

Our Texas Health Insurance website also includes a great buyer’s guide to Texas health insurance, and we are also very proud of our Health Insurance 101 class that we offer on this very website.  There is actually not one health insurance question that you could ask that you wouldn’t find an answer to on this website.   For instance, if you think you might qualify for Medicaid or another social program, we have published the Medicaid in Texas financial qualifications.

Perhaps you are looking for maternity coverage. Well, you will also find that in our Health Insurance 101 Section.  Please mosey on over there or call us at 888 803 5917 for all of Texas health insurance questions that you don’t feel like waiting for or researching yourself.  We are happy to assist you and will never you charge you a fee, even if we show you to qualify for Medicaid or a Texas county health plan.


Texas Health Insurance Plan Choices

Texas has quite a few health insurance plans available to you, and it can get a little overwhelming when you are looking at health insurance quotes because each company offers over twenty individual health plans.

And as there are so many health insurance companies in Texas, you can multiply that 20 by 8 to 10 depending on your zip code and that is the amount of health insurance plans staring you back in your face if you enter your zip code in that box up there.

On the other hand this is a good thing, as we can guarantee you that you will have picked the best possible plan, since we will have literally explained every single one to you.

What Texas health insurance comes down to is what it comes down to everywhere.  Which health insurance company will give you the most coverage for the least amount of pesos.  Did I say pesos?  I meant dollars.

When you are looking at the plans always look at the deductible and the coinsurance maximum, and then add them together and that is your MOOP (or maximum out of pocket).

The second step in picking a health insurance plan is to determine what benefits, if any, you would like to have before you reach your deductible. Most Texans want office visits copays and prescription coverage, which is fine and what East Coast Health Insurance will advise you to do anyways, assuming that we can find affordable plan with these benefits.

After you determine the plan type, it is time to compare your health insurance plans. First thing is look at all the companies very closely (and it is different in every zip code in Texas) and then see who is the cheapest with the most coverage (which means the least out of pocket in case of major incident or illness).

Then apply!


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas