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UnitedHealthOne is the trademark of UnitedHealthcare’s individual and family insurance sector. With an estimated 26 million members throughout the nation, UnitedHealthcare is a strong, dependable provider of health insurance. Golden Rule Insurance Company, a subsidiary of UnitedHealthcare, underwrites and administrates these personal health plans. For more than 65 years, Golden Rule has provided individual health plan customers with the benefits they need, and efficient claims processing. The company has also received positive ratings for their financial outlook from the top examiners of health insurance, including an “A” (Excellent) from A.M. Best, and an “A+” (Strong) from Standard and Poor’s.

The UnitedHealthcare national network consists of nearly 754,000 physicians and 5,400 hospitals, with the advantage of in-network discounts up to 50 percent on certain services. In Tennessee, UnitedHealthOne not only offers health insurance to individuals and families, but also a variety of supplemental coverage options including dental insurance, vision, critical illness, supplemental accident, and term life benefits. Their various health plans operate similarly by offering the ability to use the United network of providers, or any other doctor or facility of your choice. Choose a deductible and coverage level that works best for you by balancing benefits with cost savings, whether you decide on a comprehensive copay plan or opt for the high deductible.


United Heath Care Individual Health Insurance Plans

UnitedHealthOne Plans in Tennessee


Copay Plans

Total coverage with no benefits left behind, copay plans offer the greatest amount of security with the most convenient plan design. These plans cover upfront benefits for a predictable copayment such as primary care provider and specialist visits, and generic prescriptions. The Copay Select plan offers unlimited visits so you never run out of $35 diagnostic visits for illness or injury. Preventive care is included for free with your plan, giving members numerous ways to maintain their health for an affordable cost. Major medical services are covered at either 70 or 80 percent after meeting your deductible. Copay Select Value offers a fewer number of covered visits for a lower monthly premium and a higher coinsurance.


High Deductible Health Plans

A high deductible offers protection against running out of coverage, as well as a lower cost from month to month. With these plans there are no services covered for a copay prior to deductible, and your out-of-pocket payments contribute to your deductible. Once the yearly deductible is met, your plan will cover 80 percent or the entirety of your covered medical care, including physician office visits, hospital care, and emergency treatment. Preventive care is always covered in full with the deductible waived, and helps you avoid needing more costly services.


Health Savings Account Plans

For those who want a high deductible plan with the added benefit of a tax-advantaged savings account for medical expenses, HSAs are a great investment. Though it is optional, you can choose to fund your HSA to meet your deductible, pay coinsurance, and for any qualified out-of-pocket cost. HSA plans have significantly lower premiums, and are offered by UnitedHealthOne in a low cost option with 70/30 coinsurance, or complete coverage after deductible on all services. While contributing to your deductible, you can receive discounted rates on prescriptions with a Preferred Price Card, and use in-network providers for lower costs on other services.


UnitedHealthOne Tennessee PPO Brochure


Compare UnitedHealthOne plans and prices, and check availability in your area by getting a quick, free health insurance quote. Call an agent at 888 803 5917 for more information about these plans and discuss your Tennessee health plan options.