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Humana – Tennessee

One of the nation’s largest and most publicly traded insurers stems from a nursing home business venture started in 1961. Humana sprang forth from a small series of nursing homes in various locations, though the two lawyers who formed the company were based in Louisville, Kentucky. When the business expanded to include many nursing homes, the owners began to sell stock as Extendicare, Inc., then grew into a hospital management chain in later years, renaming the company Humana and selling health insurance in 1983. The company currently provides insurance in 30 states to individuals and families, employee, military persons and veterans, and seniors, with options for medical, pharmacy, life and supplemental, dental, and vision coverage.

Humana One is the individual and family-specific sector of Humana, Inc., covering anyone who does not have access to health insurance through an employer, or needs coverage for any other reason. Plan members have access to the same Humana preferred provider network, whether they choose a comprehensive plan with copays or a high deductible plan. They additionally offer Tennessee residents temporary health insurance, and the state-mandated Tennessee High/Low Plan. Members also have several perks including discounts for vision care, chiropractic, massage therapy, and over-the-counter medications.




Humana One Health Plans in Tennessee


Copay Plans

Convenient and easy to use, copay plans offer the highest level of coverage with the lowest amount of member cost sharing. Often compared to employer-sponsored health plans, copay plans are similar in that they offer coverage for modest, predictable rates. Diagnostic doctor’s office visits, urgent care, and generic prescriptions are covered as soon as your plan starts, and remaining benefits will cost either 20 or 30 percent coinsurance after deductible.

Humana One Tennessee Enhanced Copay 80 Benefits

Humana One Tennessee Copay 80 Benefits

Humana One Tennessee Copay 70 Benefits


100% After Deductible Plans

Offering low monthly premiums in exchange for a high deductible, this set of plans covers all of your physician and hospital care in full once you reach your deductible. Available in a low cost option as well as several HSA-compatible plans, you can choose to pay for your out-of-pocket expenses with HSA funds or not. Prior to meeting your deductible, preventive care is available for no additional cost. Prescription coverage is included in your annual deductible, as well as hospital care, physician office visits, and emergency services.

Humana One Tennessee Value 100 Benefits

Humana One Tennessee Enhanced HSA 100 Benefits

Humana One Tennessee HSA 100 Benefits


View Humana One plans and premiums in your area by filling out a quick health insurance quote online, or call one of our agents for a personal consultation at 888 803 5917.