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Coventry – Tennessee

Coventry Corporation began in 1986, and grew to become a public company in 1991 as Coventry Health Care, Inc. With a focus on making health insurance and medical care simple to understand and obtain for members, Coventry is dedicated to moving their business forward through constant research and innovation. Acquiring a new company nearly every year since their inception, Coventry Health Care is continually growing, and will become a part of the Aetna company next year. Offering health insurance to numerous markets, Coventry has received great recognition for their employee benefits, individual and family coverage, and plans for Medicaid and Medicare programs.

The Coventry national network of providers includes over 580,000 health care professionals, more than 4,700 hospitals, and over 64,000 retail pharmacies, connecting members to a large number of options. The company’s individual product line, Coventry One, is currently present in 22 states including Tennessee. Coventry One gives Tennessee residents PPO plans that stand out among competitors on the individual market, offering superior quality for a low cost. Their plans allow members to seek care in-network for a smaller fee, or out of network for greater freedom and options. Available in the western portion of Tennessee, the coverage area also includes Mississippi and Arkansas.

Coventry was purchased by Aetna in 2012, and in 2013 all Coventry members will be insured by Aetna.



Coventry One Individual Plans in Tennessee


Plus Plans

The most comprehensive plans from Coventry One, Plus plans cover more benefits than any other plan from this carrier, including first-dollar benefits. With office visits, urgent care, emergency room visits, and generic prescriptions covered for a predictable copayment, these plans are simple to use, and save money for those who want the protection of more coverage. For a higher monthly premium, you receive a lower deductible, and low out-of-pocket expenses. Each plan has 80/20 coinsurance no matter which deductible you choose.

Coventry One Tennessee Plus Plan Benefits


Value Plans

Value plans offer coverage on a number of health care services, and are ideal for young adults or those lack health insurance because of the cost. These plans have a lower monthly premium, and offer certain services for a copay including urgent care, emergency room services, and your first four primary care or specialist office visits combined. Preventive care is covered for no cost, including mammograms and immunizations. Deductibles range from $1000 to $5000 for individuals, and each level covers medical care not available for a copay at 70 percent after deductible.

Coventry One Tennessee Value Plan Benefits


Saver Plans

Coventry One’s High Deductible Health Plan, this type of coverage is qualified for use with a health savings account (HSA). These plans offer financial flexibility and the option of using a tax-advantaged HSA. Other reasons to consider a Saver plan are the low monthly premiums for a full array of coverage, and managing your health care costs instead of paying more each month for a lower service fee. While the only services covered before deductible is preventive care, you will receive lower rates when choosing in-network providers for your out-of-pocket costs.

Coventry One Tennessee Saver Plan Benefits


Research rates and availability of these plans from Coventry One in your area by filling out a personal quote. For more information on the company and its coverage in Tennessee, contact an agent at 888 803 5917.