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Aetna – Tennessee

Aetna is among the strongest of national health insurance providers, and is equally successful in providing employer-sponsored benefits, dental, pharmacy, group life, and disability insurance. Evidence of their quality is proven by their history and their number of providers. Established in 1850 in Hartford, Connecticut as a life insurance company, offering health policies since 1899, Aetna has been one of the longest lasting insurance corporations in our nation’s history. Acquiring many companies over the years, Aetna has evolved into a respected company.

Aetna has received much acclaim from many organizations, including Fortune magazine in 2008, 2009, and 2010 as the most admired company in Health Care: Insurance and Managed Care. Over 18 million health insurance plan members around the country have access to more than 1 million medical providers, including over 587,000 physicians and 5,400 hospitals. Aetna individual health insurance in Tennessee provides an essential quality of care through their various PPO plans.



Aetna Individual Plans in Tennessee

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High Deductible PPO

When you select either a $3500 or a $5500 deductible health plan, your monthly premium is greatly reduced while still receiving access to many benefits. Additionally, you may pair one of these plans with a Health Savings Account (HSA) in order to earn tax advantages. Preventive services are offered to members for free with the deductible waived, and other types of care can be obtained for an in-network discount prior to reaching your deductible. Coverage is offered on services from physician care and prescriptions, to emergency room visits and inpatient hospital stays.

Aetna Tennessee High Deductible 3500 Benefits

Aetna Tennessee High Deductible 5500 Benefits


Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)

The most comprehensive plan from Aetna, PPO offers upfront benefits for a copay, including unlimited doctor’s office visits with certain plans. PPO plans cover preventive care, prescriptions, specialist care, emergency and hospital services, and surgery for a  lower amount of coinsurance and a higher premium. With these plans, you have a balance of instant access to care and lower cost sharing. These plans are ideal for those who want the freedom of being able to seek care before their deductible has been reached, and the highest number of benefits offered by Aetna.

Aetna Tennessee PPO 1500 Benefits

Aetna Tennessee PPO 2500 Benefits

Aetna Tennessee PPO 5000 Benefits

Aetna Tennessee PPO 7500 Benefits


Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Value

For those who want the advantages of a comprehensive plan without as high a premium, PPO Value plans offer such an alternative. With limited coverage on office visits for a copay (first three are covered), you can receive the same benefits as a traditional PPO for a lower cost. With generic prescriptions covered for a copay and coinsurance ranging from 20 to 40 percent after deductible, PPO Value plans come in two deductibles and offer a sufficient amount of coverage with a significant out-of-pocket limit.

Aetna Tennessee PPO Value 5000 Benefits

Aetna Tennessee PPO Value 10000 Benefits


Preventive & Hospital Care

A simplified plan with access to a smaller number of benefits, these plans cover preventive services before reaching your deductible, and hospital care such as inpatient stays, skilled nursing, home health care, outpatient surgery, and emergency room visits. In Tennessee, these plans are also HSA-compatible to help you meet your deductible in an efficient way with tax-free funds for medical expenses. A deductible of $3000 is the only selection for Tennessee residents, with an out-of-pocket maximum of $5000 for individuals.

Aetna Tennessee Preventive & Hospital Care Benefits


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