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Nashville Health Insurance

Nashville has many different sides, though a drive through downtown feels much like Disney built an off-campus, country music section of Epcot. Filled with the novelty of cowboy boots and rows of recording studios, there is no avoiding country in Nashville, though rockabilly, bluegrass, and a few less expected genres also frequent the high concentration of venues. The city is also home to Vanderbilt University, and centers around a headquarters for medical research and innovation, among other studies. As the state capital, Nashville also has its traditional, Old South side, though you can attend concerts on the green in front of the Metropolitan Courthouse. Music City also includes the beautiful 132-acre Centennial Park, interrupted by a replica of the Parthenon in the midst of hiking trails and gardens.

Nashville health insurance has many PPO plans and five different carriers to choose from for individuals and families. Those in search of a health plan have access to BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee, Cigna, Aetna, UnitedHealthOne, Celtic, and Humana. With rates in the range of normalcy for typical American individual plans, a male resident in his 30s can purchase a Humana copay plan from $98 per month. For a larger city, Nashville is among the least expensive in the country by comparison to other cities its size, due to the Tennessee market. For a comparison of plans and corresponding rates, fill out a quote or call us for more information on these carriers at 888 803 5917.



Sample Nashville Health Insurance Quote

The city is rather affordable for coverage if you are a man, as we found by running a quote for a 30-year-old resident living in the Belmont neighborhood. Health plans are available from Humana for the lowest price for comprehensive coverage at $129 per month. This plan covers an unlimited number of doctor’s office visits at $35 for PCP and $60 for specialists, with generics also covered for a copay. Combined with preventive care, this plan has all you need to stay healthy without wondering how much each visit will cost. For a few dollars more, UnitedHealthOne offers a plan exactly like Humana’s 80/20 copay plan, leaving the choice up to the network of your preference.

Remaining cutthroat, BlueCross BlueShield offers a comparable plan for a monthly premium of $138, with unlimited physician services and generic coverage. As BCBST is such a revered company and offers a great level of service and a large network, this may be the best option of the three most similarly priced plans. The remaining insurers in Nashville don’t miss a beat even though they are just a touch more expensive. Aetna offers a plan for $145, which is the only other PPO worth discussing in this price range, as Celtic does not cover more than two office visits. Aetna’s PPO policy has a $500 pharmacy deductible like the rest, though their out-of-pocket limit is a bit higher at $3500.

While rates vary from one insurer to the next, the ultimate decision comes down to personal preference and budget. As each of these basically offers the same benefits in a very close price range, the network is the only variable next to each company’s underwriting details. If you want a larger network, buy the BlueCross BlueShield plan. Other Nashville insurers also offer a number of in-state network providers, but their coverage can travel anywhere in the country and many countries abroad.

To find your own Nashville health insurance rates for these and over 100 other plans, get your own quote or call 888 803 5917.






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