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Clarksville Health Insurance

Clarksville is the fifth largest city in Tennessee, and the ninth most rapidly growing city in the nation. The city’s local publication, the Leaf Chronicle, is the oldest newspaper in Tennessee. Located near the Tennesse-Kentucky border and 45 miles from Nashville, Clarksville is independent as a city with its own culture. Also known for its historical points of interest such as the Roxy Theatre and Fort Campbell, Clarksville displays its heritage proudly while incorporating modern elements.

The city’s picturesque charm has been an important part of its development and economy, including Historic Downtown Clarksville with an 1800s train station, as well as the Beachaven Vineyards. Clarksville also has a notable two mile riverfront promenade, known to host festivals and concerts throughout the year along the Cumberland River.

Clarksville health insurance offers five health insurance companies at rates similar to the rest of the state, and equally competitive between plans. Though UnitedHealthOne has the lowest premium, Humana, Cigna, and BlueCross Blue Shield of Tennessee are behind them by a hair, and each additional company is within several dollars of one another for an individual applicant. In all of Tennessee, the companies offering similar plans make it very difficult to choose one over the other. Benefits are nearly identical, and the only variations are slight, including copays, out-of-pocket limits, and prescription deductibles.

To view all of your plan options in Clarksville, get a free health insurance quote and compare each plan available. If you need help choosing one plan over the other, do not hesitate to call an agent for expert advice at 888 803 5917.



Sample Clarksville Health Insurance Quote

A married 38-year-old couple living in Clarksville have various options from all five companies at somewhat similar prices. After running a sample quote for this couple, we found UnitedHealthOne offers the lowest premium for a $2500 deductible copay plan with 80/20 coinsurance. UHO Copay Select and Humana One’s Enhanced Copay are basically the same plan, though we would recommend Humana as they are ranked much higher in customer satisfaction than United in Tennessee. For a monthly premium of $360, Humana offers unlimited office visits for a $35 copay with a primary care doctor, and $50 for specialists.

When quoting for a couple instead of an individual in Clarksville, the carriers space out their pricing a bit. This makes the ultimate decision much more clear, as based on price and quality, Humana and BCBST are the best options. Not only do these companies offer the lowest premiums, but they are both ranked the highest in Tennessee. Cigna and Aetna also offer coverage with similar benefits, though their elevated rates and average level of service (in this region) makes it easier to decide to opt for a better deal. Celtic only offers the Clarksville couple a basic plan with limited copay office visits, which clearly is no comparison to what you can buy for less.

BlueCross BlueShield’s Personal Blue plan is a great option for $387 per month as a pair. These residents will be covered for diagnostic office visits (same copays as Humana), generic prescriptions, and preventive care (free) without having to meet their deductible. This is the ideal way to have a health plan. No surprises, as most of your fees are previously determined. Hospital care is discounted with in-network providers, and 20 percent coinsurance after deductible. For this couple, we recommend Humana for overall satisfaction and cost. Blue Cross is a perfect back-up option.

Wondering what these Clarksville plans will cost for your demographic? Get your own personalized health insurance quote and find a plan that works best for you.






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