The Tennessee health insurance market it is very similar to our home state of Florida and actually has the same health insurance companies. The 5 main Tennessee health insurance are Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Humana, United, and Aetna.

Additionally for the uninsured in Tennessee, there is a state high-risk pool. In order to qualify for the Tennessee high-risk pool, all you need to do is apply for a Tennessee individual health insurance plan. If you are declined, you need to provide a copy of the declination letter to the state. All individual health insurance companies must offer coverage to any Tennessee residents that have either exhausted COBRA or any HIPAA-eligible individuals.


The Tennessee Health Insurance Market

Individual health insurance companies in Tennessee might otherwise turn down any individual applicants for any health related issues. In other words, Tennessee needs Health Reform!




Tennessee Sample Health Insurance Case

I ran a sample Tennessee health insurance case to demonstrate the different Tennessee health insurance policies available to individual and families. In order to make the comparison fair, I used a deductible of $2500 or as close as I could get, and/or used a maximum out of pocket of no more than $5000.

Using a zip code in Knoxville, Tennessee you can see that the health insurance market is ultra-competitive. In fact, I have never seen a more competitive market because all 5 plans in the $2500 deductible range are within $10 in monthly premium of each other. What I am saying is, “flip a coin!”


Tennessee Health Insurance Companies

In all seriousness though I prefer eitherĀ Aetna PPO 2500 or the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee 2500 PPO Plan from the five companies below simply because I have never had either company rescind a policy on me number one, and number two Blue Cross and Aetna are known to actually pay claims better than the other companies.