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Wyoming Health Insurance

The Wyoming health insurance market is small and dominated by a few large health insurance companies one of which is WINhealth, a domiciled, non-profit Wyoming health insurance company, and there are also Altius One, a Coventry subsidiary, and United Health One from UnitedHealthcare.

Wyoming must guarantee issue coverage and cannot turn down anyone for individual health insurance on of off the exchange, through which Wyoming residents can purchase low-cost private health plans. Several Wyoming insurers sell coverage on the marketplace, which is required to cover a variety of benefits. Plans are more affordable if you qualify for tax credits that can lower your premiums and medical costs. Ask a licensed agent to help you find a marketplace plan and determine if you are subsidy-eligible at 888 803 5917.

Wyoming also offers a state risk pool called the Wyoming Health Insurance Pool for HIPAA-eligible individuals and Wyoming residents that have been declined after applying for individual health insurance by at least one health insurance company.  It is also open to those that have received restrictive riders or very high rate ups for pre-existing medical conditions. WHIP can be reached at 800 442 2376 and the Wyoming Kid Care program is 800 251 1269.


Wyoming Health Insurance Companies


WINhealth Wyoming Health Insurance

WINhealth Partners is a Wyoming owned and operated not-for-profit health maintenance organization (HMO) that was founded in 1996. The hallmark of WINhealth Partners philosophy is based on the principle of providing community-focused, provider-governed delivery of healthcare services for Wyoming residents.

WINhealth Partners contracts with hundreds of providers and most local hospitals in Wyoming, and we are consistently expanding our provider network to address member access needs throughout the state.

Winhealth Wyoming Health Insurance Brochure


United Health One is a non-domiciled health insurance company which means that technically they can do whatever they want, however because they are a national, respected health insurance company they seem to stay the same course as everyone else.  What I mean, is that if they wanted to, they could you with a rate increase everyday without asking permission from the State of Wyoming.  But as a health insurance broker, I actually have them, and have been satisfied with their policy overall.  If the rate is the most affordable in your demographic, then you should certainly consider them for your health insurance company.

United Health One Wyoming Health Insurance Brochure


A Coventry company, Altius One offers the same ease and comfort of the Coventry One service, with a variety of well-priced POS plans in Wyoming. Their network offers great service which has received positive feedback from plan members. Competitive with the other two companies, many demographics will be able to get an Altius One plan for about the same cost as a United Health One plan for a similar level of benefits. Though premiums vary with different life stages, family sizes, and location, these plans offer strong coverage for many types of applicants. These plans also give the option of using in-network or out-of-network providers, essential to living in towns where there may not be a doctor or specialist on every corner.

Altius One Wyoming Health Insurance Brochure

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