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West Virginia Health Insurance

East Coast Health Insurance will get you coverage in West Virginia. We offer three main health insurance companies including Coventry One, Celtic, and United Health One.  Please click our health insurance quote button above for a free West Virginia Health Insurance Quote!

West Virginia is by no means either small in size nor population as it ranks as the 37th most populous state in the country and the 41st largest state in square miles.  But West Virginia only has three respected health insurance companies and no state risk pool for the uninsurable.  Some HMO’s in West Virginia may have an annual open enrollment where individuals can purchase coverage without proving insurability but this is not a definitive either. But for those who were considered uninsurable, federal law now requires all individual health plans to accept applicants regardless of their health status. This means you can apply for coverage on the traditional individual market, which includes the carriers below, and the marketplace, which offers subsidies to reduce costs.

Like other parts of Appalachia, West Virginia has plenty of residents who could use assistance paying for the cost of coverage. If you fall into this group, the marketplace is for you. Call a licensed agent to discuss your options for health plans and tax credits to get insured at 888 803 5917.

As with all 50 states, coverage is mandatory under the Affordable Care Act, therefore if you’re still uninsured, there’s never been a better time to enroll in the individual market.


West Virginia Health Insurance


West Virginia Health Insurance Companies


United Health One West Virginia Health Insurance Quote

United Health One is the West Virginia Health Insurance winner for the most health insurance coverage for the least money.  For a 34-year-old male in Charleston, West Virginia they are charging $132 per month.  I know a lot about this plan as I have it myself and have been quite pleased with it over the last couple of years.  Having tried most of the other plans I can say that even though the United Health Care plans are not domiciled in their home state they don’t have massive premium increases and are usually near the top of the heap in affordability.

United Health One West Virginia Health Insurance Brochure

Coventry One is certainly a good choice in West Virginia, as their variety of PPO plans offers plenty of benefits at all price ranges. Competitively priced with other plans of the same criteria, only a few dollars separate a Coventry plan from the number of United plans offered for a low monthly premium. Though UnitedHealthOne plans have been established for longer than Coventry One in the state, the Coventry network is growing and their plan selection and design is fantastic. Most importantly, their plans offer plenty of coverage, reasonable copays, and an overall balance in cost that will not strain your budget.

Coventry One West Virginia PPO Brochure


Celtic in West Virginia offers a general variety of PPO plans in Basic (their value option), Preferred Select (traditional coverage), and HSA (high-deductible health savings account-compatible). We recommend of any of these products to invest a few more dollars per month and spring for the Preferred Select plan, as your cost sharing will be lower. Additionally, your total number of benefits will be greater than the $30 less per month Basic plan which has more expensive doctor’s office visits, limited at that, and limited pharmacy benefits. Each of their plans includes vision care, which is typically a supplemental benefit with most companies, and may be a plus for those with less-than-perfect sight to keep up with the cost of exams and eye wear.

Celtic West Virginia PPO Brochure

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