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Utah Health Insurance

In the Utah health insurance market there are five main health insurance companies each offering at least 30 health insurance plans each. There are other health insurance companies but they are not reputable and often times will try to play tricks with coinsurance or other similar tactics to hide the fact that they cannot compete with the larger health insurance companies in Utah.

Both small and large carriers in Utah participate on the health insurance exchange, selling subsidized plans. This means that residents can apply for affordable coverage on sliding scale during open enrollment periods.



Utah Health Insurance Companies


Humana One products in Utah are the same as they offer in every other state and include the Portrait plans which are the traditional copay health insurance plans, the Monogram which is a high deductible catastrophic plan, and the Autograph which is somewhere in the middle of both.  The Portrait plan is the most popular Humana One product in Utah and is the plan that I used in the sample Utah Health Insurance Quote below.  As you can see the Humana plans in Utah are the most affordable health insurance plans in Utah.

Humana One Portrait Share 80 Utah Brochure


The Altius health insurance plans in Utah are actually pretty good and I recommend them to anyone looking for an HMO or PPO type plan.  HMO platform health plans usually offer substantially greater benefits from the first day of the policy than their PPO counterparts.

Altius Peak Plus Utah Health Insurance Brochure

Altius One Utah Application

Altius One Utah Peak Plus 1000

American Medical Insurance Utah

United Health Care is a large national health insurance company that is taking over the individual health insurance market through acquisition.  From the purchase of PacifCare to the purchase American Medical Security United Health One has pretty much been able to offer individual health insurance products in nearly every state.  Utah is still being administered through American Medical Security which has been phased out by United Health One or PacifCare in much of the country.  Nevertheless, these PPO plans are pretty good and have great prescription coverage and I in fact am insured by United Health One individual myself.  Though as you can see from the sample Utah health quote below, if I lived in Utah I would most likely choose Humana or Altius, at least in this zip code.


SelectHealth is a not-for-profit health insurance company operating in Utah. The company has been committed to helping members stay healthy by offering high quality service and a great level of care. As part of Intermountain Healthcare, SelectHealth shares a mission of providing exceptional care for Utah residents. They have received an accreditation status of “Excellent” from the National Committee for Quality Assurance, which is the highest available. As a regional carrier, SelectHealth has established itself as a reputable source of coverage, with a number of great programs and benefits.


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