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Oregon Health Insurance

There are many choices in the Oregon health insurance market including options for the uninsurable whether due to health or wealth, and of course for individual or family shopping for a health plan, group and individual.  East Coast Health Insurance will help you navigate the complicated Oregon health insurance market including individual, group, and Oregon public assistance plans at no cost.

So what about the uninsurable in Oregon?  The uninsured has a state risk pool called the Oregon Medical Insurance Pool (OMIP) for anyone who is HIPAA individual and not offered a conversion plan from a private health insurance company.  The good news?  If you were previously turned down for an individual health insurance plan and are not covered by another company, you can now apply for any plan on the individual market under the health reform law. The Affordable Care Act also led the state to form the health insurance marketplace, Cover Oregon, which offers discounted premiums and cost sharing for lower-income Oregonians.

For more information about plans on and off the exchange, your best bet is to call East Coast Health Insurance at 888 803 5917. You can also reach the Oregon Insurance Division at 503-947-7985, and of course Medicaid and SCHIP can be reached at 503-945-5772.


Oregon Health Insurance Companies


PacificSource Health Plans is the second independent, not-for-profit health plan offering Oregon health insurance in the Pacific Northwest.

East Coast Health Insurance always supports the not-for-profit health insurance plans as they generally offer the greatest coverage for the least money.  The PacificSource plan is actually dollar for dollar the best plan in Oregon and the most affordable and is the winner of the East Coast Health Insurance award in Oregon for the most health insurance for the least money.  Make sure to get a price for PacificSource when getting your Oregon health insurance quote.

PacificSource 2500 PPO Plan Benefit Summary


Providence Health Plans in Oregon

Providence Health Plan is part of Providence Health & Services, which also happens to run the top hospitals and clinics in the Northwest since 1856.  So the Providence Health Plans unite health insurance and the provider services allowing them to operate at great efficiency.

This strength which also gives Providence Health Plan the highest AM Best grade of an A in Oregon, the ability to offer a unique service to the Oregon health insurance market.  Their rates are right around the top and might actually be the most affordable Oregon health insurance plan in your demographic, to make sure visit our Oregon Health Insurance Quote engine.

Providence Health Plan 2500 Optimium Benefit Summary

Providence Health Plans Oregon Exclusions and Limitations


HealthNet Oregon Health Insurance Plans

HealthNet plans are among the more expensive in the Oregon market.  So unless by chance you fall into the demographic where they are a  price leader (I haven’t found one yet) then you should just concentrate on the other companies.  If you have a medical situation, then you should always consider all plans including HealthNet, as even though their base rate is high, the final rate might be considerably more affordable.

Health Net Oregon PPO Diamond Plan


Kaiser Permanente Oregon

Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, the largest nonprofit health plan in the United States, serves 8.7 million members in nine states and the District of Columbia. Kaiser Permanente is composed of Kaiser Foundation Health Plans (nonprofit, public-benefit corporations), the Permanente Medical Groups (for-profit professional organizations), and Kaiser Foundation Hospitals (a nonprofit, public-benefit corporation).

Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Northwest offers individual and family coverage for individuals who may be: self-employed, working for a company that does not offer a group plan, students or recent graduates who are over age or not covered on a parent’s plan, between jobs, waiting for an employer’s group coverage to begin, a part-time employee who isn’t eligible for group coverage, or an early retiree.

As a non-profit health insurance company the Kaiser Health Insurance plans enjoy a distinct advantage over their competition.   And because Oregon has so many non-profit health insurance companies the consumer can expect to enjoy better coverage then the same person would in other states, albeit at a slight higher premium.  Kaiser’s Oregon health insurance plans are consistently near the top in many demographics, and their HMO plans offer outstanding first dollar coverage for all Oregonians.  Make sure to consider Kaiser Permanente for your individual health insurance plan.

Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance Brochure Oregon

Kaiser Permanente Oregon Exclusions and Limitations



LifeWise Health Plan of Oregon is by far the most affordable health insurance plan in Oregon.  As their plans are in a smaller Oregon network you might check your physicians and hospitals before making your final decision on applying.  Otherwise the LifeWise plans are a great deal and if they are the plan near the top of your demographic make sure to consider their plans.

LifeWise Essentials Plan Detail Oregon

LifeWise Health Plan Exlusions and Limitations



Oregon’s ODS Health Plans are seemingly also more affordable then their non-profit cousin Kaiser but there are subtle differences in the plans.  Make sure to read the fine print before purchasing the ODS plans as they have a limitation on office visit copays and don’t have a copayment at all for specialists.  For this reason we haven’t included their plans in the premium study as they are quite a bit deficient.  Still the company is seemingly dependable both by financial information and reputation and might be a good plan for the younger Oregonians looking to save money and sacrifice some benefits.

Oregon ODS Health Insurance Brochure

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