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North Dakota Health Insurance

There are only two reputable health insurance companies in the North Dakota health insurance market, including Medica and IHC Group for individual coverage.  This is because most of North Dakota is remote and the population is rather small compared to other US states.  In fact the entire population of North Dakota is around 700,000.  The breakdown is below.

10 largest cities (2011 est.): Fargo, 105,549; Bismarck, 61,272; Grand Forks, 52,838; Minot, 40,888; West Fargo, 25,830; Mandan, 18,331; Dickinson, 17,787; Jamestown, 15,427; Williston, 14,716; Wahpeton, 7,766.

The population layout of North Dakota makes it difficult to establish a health insurance network so it is not a difficult task to choose between a modest two companies.  I personally think of North Dakota as having the perfect health insurance system.  Back in the 1950’s health insurance was for catastrophic and most people paid their family physicians in cash and this kept costs down because the health care providers didn’t have to deal with Health Insurance companies or administrative costs.  Another foreign concept back then was lawsuits for malpractice.

North Dakota residents have many of those same practices in place.  The town doctor is many of these small North Dakota towns is usually paid in cash and if they accept health insurance it is usually only from one company, and that company is domiciled in North Dakota.  This makes everything much more affordable in the North Dakota health insurance market.

What makes the North Dakota market even more reasonable is the state exchange. If you qualify for a tax credit, your coverage is less expensive than the traditional individual market offerings. While the health insurance marketplace is federally-run, the state’s private individual insurers also sell subsidized coverage. The catch, however, is a smaller provider network.


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North Dakota Health Insurance Companies


Companion Life Health Insurance North Dakota

Companion Life Insurance Company has specialized in employees, groups and individuals benefits for more than 35 years. They currently market insurance products in 45 states and the District of Columbia.

The mission of Companion Life Insurance Company is to be a well-managed, customer-focused organization acting in the best interests of its policyholders and marketing partners, operating on a financially sound, growing and diversified basis.

Companion Life has earned an A.M. Best rating of A+ (Superior).


Medica of North Dakota offers individual and family health insurance in nearly every county in the state, with a broad range of benefit options and customizable PPO plans. In each state where Medica providers are available, plan members have access to an exceptional, award winning level of care and networks with thousands of doctors an hospitals in North Dakota and surrounding regions.

With an “Excellent” accreditation from the National Committee for Quality Assurance, their highest level possible, Medica of North Dakota is certainly a great option for those who want a long-term or short-term policy for just themselves or any number of dependents.


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