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New York Health Insurance

Another guarantee issue state, New York is possibly the most expensive state for younger people that I have ever seen. A 22-year-old male can cost up to $1,000 per month for a normal, no frills health insurance policy. Premiums are the same for everyone regardless of age, gender, health status or bowling score. Don’t let me scare you though, as most employers will cover this cost, and additionally if it weren’t the impending bankruptcy of the state of New York, they provide excellent social programs if you know how to apply.

Perhaps the most difficult place to find health insurance at an affordable New York has stymied most health insurance brokers who for the most part prefer to stay away altogether.  Every Choice Health Insurance would be counted amongst these numbers, but due to our name we feel that we must learn the system, and thus we are in the licensing process right now.

For the meantime however, the New York State Insurance Department can be reached at 800 342 3736, but you would have an easier time getting New York Mets tickets back in 1986 over the phone then getting a live person on the line, especially now that New York has been battered by the recession.  Please visit their site at www.ins.state.ny.us, and SCHIP through Child Health Plus can be reached at 800 698 4543.

Empire State of Health is also available for individuals who want to purchase the subsidized Obamacare health plans. These plans offer cost reductions for numerous New York residents through tax credits, so you can finally afford the individual market.


New York Health Insurance Companies

Group Health Incorporated (GHI) is the largest, not-for-profit health services corporation operating statewide in New York. GHI serves nearly 3.4 million people. This includes providing insurance benefits to over 1.7 million subscribers and their dependents. GHI also provides third-party administrative services for over 980,000 people.

Founded in 1937, GHI makes available an array of health plans and third-party administrative services for groups, individual subscribers and other insurers. GHI products offer access to the largest panel of participating providers in New York State, including over 15,000 primary physicians and more than 31,000 specialists. Most GHI plans allow subscribers to obtain services through the network with little out-of-pocket cost.

Oxford Health Plans, a UnitedHealthcare Company, (NYSE: UNH) provides health coverage to employees and individuals in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Oxford’s commercial insured products and services include traditional health maintenance organizations, preferred and exclusive provider organizations, point-of-service plans and consumer directed health plans. Oxford also offers Medicare plans and third party administration of employer-funded benefits plans.

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