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New Hampshire Health Insurance

East Coast Health Insurance offers two great New Hampshire health insurance companies which can be quoted, compared, and applied for right on this health insurance website.  Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Hampshire is an Anthem Blue Cross company in the New Hampshire health insurance market and should be most people’s first choice as it is the strongest company in the New Hampshire health insurance market.

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For New Hampshire health insurance exchange plans, contact a licensed agent at 888 803 5917.


The New Hampshire Health Insurance Market

The New Hampshire individual health insurance market is a guarantee issue state under health reform, which means that applicants cannot be declined for health coverage. There is a state risk pool called the New Hampshire Health Plan High Risk Pool (there is an acronym, thankfully: HPHRP) for people with health problems who may need more substantial coverage than the individual market can provide.

Additionally besides HIPAA eligible individuals, the HPHRP is also available to any New Hampshire resident who has been declined for health coverage by a carrier due to any health condition.  The risk pool is also open to individuals that have offered coverage at more expensive premiums as well.

And because the New Hampshire health insurance companies are allowed to place permanent riders on their policies, HPHRP can also be applied for if you are approved for a private health insurance plan, if they put a rider on a medical condition.

For more information about the government health plans available in New Hampshire you can call East Coast Health Insurance at 888 803 5917 or you can call the HPHRP at 800 578 3272 if you think you might be eligible.  Medicaid coverage can be obtained in New Hampshire by calling 800 852 3345, which also includes the SCHIP through Health Kids for New Hampshire children that need medical insurance.


New Hampshire Health Insurance Companies


The parent company of Anthem Health Plans of New Hampshire has nearly 35 million medical insurance members through its Blue Cross or Blue Cross and Blue Shield operations in 14 states and its non-Blue branded operations in other states.  This means that Anthem also operates other companies in other states besides their Blue Cross Blue Shield associations.

The company has over 42,000 associates nationwide and is the largest publicly traded commercial health benefits company in the United States and an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. Though Anthem is headquartered in Indiana, they maintain strong local presence in all the states they serve. 700 associates are based at the company’s offices in Manchester, NH, where it has been located since 1993 (previously in Concord, NH).

In fact the New Hampshire Blue Cross Blue Shield membership is over 600,000 members.

Network: Their provider network includes all 26 hospitals, nearly 1,400 primary care physicians and ARNPs, and nearly 2,300 specialists. Additionally our members have national and worldwide access through the Blue Cross and Blue Shield network. (2006 Summary Annual Report)
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