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Nebraska Health Insurance Plans

Nebraska residents have access to the private individual insurance market via the health insurance exchange and the traditional prviate market. Under the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare, everyone has access to coverage, and some Nebraskans may qualify for subsidies to lower premiums and cost sharing.

Every Choice Health Insurance is your trusted Nebraska health insurance authority.  Offering all major Nebraska health insurance companies from Aetna to United Health One, on-exchange to off-exchange, we are raising the bar for your online health insurance shopping experience.

Nebraska Health Insurance Companies



Coventry One of Nebraska is one of my favorite Nebraska health insurance companies, for that matter one of my favorite companies due to their great network and benefits and of course their affordable premiums.

However in Lincoln, Nebraska they are not really affordable when compared to Humana One and United Health One which are actually very close in benefits and network (and are probably better).


Humana One Nebraska

Humana One is actually tied for first place in our Every Choice Health Insurance award for the most health insurance for the least amount of money.  Normally, I would recommend Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska, but in this case Humana is actually a better choice.


Aetna has a limited choice of plans in Nebraska, however they should always be considered when shopping health insurance as they not only have a great network, but more importantly they take people with checkered medical histories.
If you find a plan you like from Aetna in your demographic or if you have any medical conditions then please consider Aetna even though they are a bit more expensive.


United Health One Nebraska

United Health One is no longer sells long term health insurance plans in Nebraska, yet their short term policies are excellent in terms of price and network.  However, Humana One is the better choice in Nebraska because it is domiciled in Nebraska.


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