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Montana Health Insurance

East Coast Health Insurance offers one truly great health insurance carrier in Montana for individual coverage, which is PacificSource Health Plans. In the Montana health insurance market, there are very few health insurance companies available, with only PacificSource as our only recommendation. There are other health insurance companies but they are not reputable and often times will try to play tricks with coinsurance or other similar tactics to hide the fact that they cannot compete.

Under Obamacare, Montana health insurance companies must also guarantee issue of coverage to all applicants, so private individual insurance is available to more residents. The health law also created the marketplace, which offers subsidized coverage for low-to-moderate income households in Montana.

As the Montana state government offers a state risk pool called the Montana Comprehensive Health Association (MCHA), there are other options to ensure that nearly every Montana resident has a chance at getting a great health plan regardless of health or wealth.

The MCHA offers coverage to anyone that has been declined by at least two health insurance companies or has a serious medical condition that disqualifies them from obtaining a Montana health insurance policy.

If you think you might qualify for these plans you can call both the Montana Department of Insurance at 406 444 2040, or MCHA at 800 447 7282.

Medicaid and or SCHIP can be contacted at 800 421 6667.


Montana Health Insurance Companies


Since 1995, PacificSource Health Plans, once named Clear Choice Health Plans, has been offering health insurance in 4 states with over 31,000 healthcare providers. PacificSource has developed affordable plans to meet the needs of employers, providers and consumers.

Additionally PacificSource offers not just individual health insurance plans for the under 65 crowd but also offers Medicare Advantage plans, commercial plans, individual plans and administrative services to individuals and businesses throughout the Northwest.

All plan options provide access to high level benefits for covered services at home, on vacation, traveling on business, or away at school.

For individual coverage, the Preferred plan is optimum, which is the only option including first-dollar benefits. These immediate benefits include doctor’s office visits, home health care, chiropractic care, naturopathic care, and urgent care, all for a $30 copay when using the PPO network. After the deductible is met, Preferred plans cover 70 percent of major medical care after you meet the deductible.

PacificSource Health Plans Brochure 2012

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