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Kentucky Health Insurance

In Kentucky there are three great, affordable health insurance providers including Humana, United, and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield.  Anthem and Humana have headquarters in the state. Kentucky is very affordable for health insurance compared to most other states and their plans are very comprehensive.

The health insurance marketplace in Kentucky also provides health plans for uninsured individuals and families who qualify for financial assistance with income between 138 and 400 percent of the federal poverty line. Kynect is a state-run organization providing subsidized coverage through respected Kentucky insurers on the private market. As coverage is made even more reasonable through tax credits, the marketplace is worth a look. Call us at 888 803 5917 to discuss your options on the exchange.

Additionally, there is a state high risk pool called Kentucky Access (866 405 6145) and eligible individuals are of course HIPAA applicants and those with serious health conditions who have been rejected by a minimum of two insurance companies, or those that get approved but with a higher rate then the Kentucky Access plan.

For Non HIPAA eligible individuals there is a 12 month pre-existing clause which is also the length of time that any domiciled health insurance company can impose a rider for.


Kentucky Health Insurance Companies


Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kentucky

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield offers residents of Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Colorado, Nevada, Maine and Virginia quality health plans. Today, the Blue Cross and Blue Shield symbols are among the nation’s most familiar and trusted trademarks.

Anthem is by far the most affordable health insurance plan in Kentucky and should be the first place you look when shopping different health insurance quotes.

Anthem SmartSense Kentucky Brochure

Anthem Premier Plus Kentucky Brochure


Humana One is quite ordinary in the Kentucky health insurance market and is usually affordable in only very specific demographics.  I still believe however that their vanilla health insurance plans ought to at least be in the running.

Humana One Portrait Share 80 plus Rx Kentucky Health Insurance Brochure


United Health One is not domiciled in Kentucky which means they can pretty much offer rate increases without any approval from the state.  In any case, they are certainly affordable and have the best prescription plan in the national health insurance market, and at press time they were still very affordable. The carrier offers Short Term Medical plans that many of our agency’s clientele prefer over long term major medical plans.

United Health One Kentucky Health Insurance Brochure


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