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Kansas Health Insurance

The Kansas health insurance market is quite consumer friendly as it offers many different health insurance plans from five main companies.  These companies include Aetna, Celtic, Humana, United Health Care, and Coventry.

Another great health insurance benefit in Kansas is the risk pool known as the Kansas Health Insurance Association (800 290 1368) which offers individual health insurance to any resident that has been declined coverage by at least two different Kansas health insurance companies.  This coverage is also extended to residents that receive rates that are higher then the KHIA plans and to HIPAA eligible individuals.

While very sick people still have the option of the risk pool, anyone can now apply for coverage on the individual market under the Affordable Care Act and not get declined. Additionally, the health insurance marketplace is open to Kansas residents and small business owners who want to get insured on the private market at a reduced cost.

Now to the plans!


Kansas Health Insurance Companies


Aetna ‘s individual plans in the Kansas health insurance market are quite expensive in comparison to the other companies at least in the zip codes and demographics that I ran.

This is because they have consistently accepted individual’s with health conditions at the best rates.  I advise anyone that takes a medication or with a health condition to shop and consider Aetna in Kansas.  Additionally, they are very affordable for children and young adults.

Aetna Kansas Health Insurance Brochure


Celtic offers individual coverage throughout the state of Kansas in each of their typical options including Basic, Saver, and Preferred PPO plans. Whether you want the essentials of physician and hospital care with preventive coverage and copayments for a low premium, or prefer to have a vast number of medical services at your fingertips, Celtic has a suitable plan for you and your family.


Coventry One

Coventry One offers health coverage throughout Kansas and is my favorite company personally due to their magnificent team based in Maryland and offering health coverage nationwide.

Their plans are usually very affordable in the markets where they offer products and additionally their plans are the most benefit rich.   They cover the emergency room with a simply copayment instead of a deductible which can save thousands of dollars per year for the accident prone.  Always consider Coventry when shopping health insurance in Kansas.

Coventry One Kansas Benefit Summary


Humana One Quotes

Humana offers very vanilla coverage in Kansas and though their plans are very traditional they are not at all the leaders in any category i.e. price or benefits.

I usually offer Humana One as a fallback company if Blue Cross or Coventry declines you as they come in more affordable then Aetna and United.

Humana One Portrait Kansas Benefit Summary


United Health One Kansas Health Insurance Quote

United Health One is just not affordable in Kansas and even though their prescription plan is my favorite, I usually advise clients to avoid this company in Kansas as they are not domiciled in Kansas either which gives them a license to give premium increases at their own discretion.

United Health One Kansas Health Insurance Brochure

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