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Iowa Health Insurance

Iowa health insurance is pretty much dominated by four companies. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Iowa by Wellmark has a majority of the Iowa individual health insurance market, but there are also some great plans from Humana One, Coventry, and United Health One.

With a population of upwards of 3 million people the Iowa health insurance market is fractured across several small cities and towns.  Many Iowans prefer to pay cash to the local town doctor, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Iowa has adapted to that by making the very popular copayment in other states not a huge focus of their Iowa medical plans.  In fact most of their plans have coinsurance at the doctors office which is basically a cost sharing mechanism where the insured pays about 10% of the cost of the office visit.

On the other hand, United Health One, Humana, and Coventry offer pretty much the same plans across the nation so that if you are an Iowa transplant you can still have your precious office visit copays by signing up with any of those three individual health insurance companies.  I prefer Coventry to United Health One and Humana One myself, because Coventry tends to offer more services with copays before the deductible.  Of course if there is a significant cost difference and one company is much more affordable than another, then I always Iowa health insurance shoppers to choose the plan the offers the most health insurance for the least money.

Iowans can also purchase coverage through the Obamacare marketplace, in which private insurers offer plans with limited networks and a variety of covered benefits. This coverage is optimal for those who meet the income guidelines for tax credits that reduce premiums and cost sharing. Contact a licensed agent to learn more about your options on the exchange at 888 803 5917.



I ran a sample Iowa health insurance quote using Coventry One, Humana One, and United Health One in the quote below.  I used a $2500 deductible in a zip code in the Des Moines health insurance market. I used myself (34-year-old male) as the insured and because all of the plans are within $10 of each other.  As I said above, Coventry offers the most benefits before the deductible so it is an easy decision if your Iowa health insurance quote resembles mine.  Of course health insurance quotes can vary widely in the same zip code using different ages and family sizes and even more wildly across different zip codes, even in Iowa itself.  So you would be best served running your own Iowa health quote to see what plan is the most affordable for you.


Iowa Health Insurance Companies

Blue Cross Blue Shield as I said is not traditional health insurance as their plans seem more Iowa geared.  So I have included the Blue Cross Blue Shield benefit summaries and encourage you to run your own Iowa Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance quotes to see what plan you like the most.  Again, the Blue Cross plans below in the sample quote that I ran are not indicative of even 1/6 of the plans available in Iowa from Blue Cross Blue Shield.  I point that out again because the plans are considerably more expensive.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Iowa Blue Basics Benefit Summary

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Iowa Simply Blue Benefits

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Iowa HSA PPO Benefits

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