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Delaware Health Insurance


In Delaware, there are three main health insurance companies to choose from including Aetna, Highmark, and United Health One.  Depending on your particular demographic any of three might be the most affordable plan with the most benefits as they are all very competitive with each other.  Thus, to get the best idea of which Delaware health insurance company is best for you and/or your family it is best to run your own custom Delaware health insurance quote.

Prior to the Affordable Care Act, Delaware like many other states had no high risk pool, which means that if you are declined for individual health you would need to apply for a One Man Group. Now that all coverage is guaranteed issue, you can apply with any insurer or your choice. If you have any other questions you can contact the Department of Insurance in Delaware at 302-739-4251 or if you might qualify for Medicaid or need assistance you can go to www.state.de.us/dhss/dss which is the State Medicaid program for Children, as well.

Every Choice Health Insurance can also help connect you to individual and family plans inside the health insurance marketplace in Delaware, which provides affordable coverage through subsidies to eligible applicants.



Delaware Health Insurance Companies


Aetna offers their standard health insurance plans in Delaware including their traditional PPO plans, their Value plans, and their Consumer Driven Health Plans.

Their plans are also very affordable and are often the best bet in most parts of Delaware as they are very reliable and have never rescinded a plan on us in 5 years of writing their plans across the country.

Aetna Delaware Benefit Summary


United Health One Delaware


United Health One offers Short Term Medical products and Supplemental Insurance for individuals and long term health plans for Mormons (I’m joking, except that UnitedHealthcare off-exchange products are only sold in Utah to date).

Their Copay Select plans have the best prescription plans in the nation and their office visit copays are $35 for both the primary and the specialist.  In some zip codes and demographics they are certain to be the price leaders and even though they have a great network, you should always consider the fact that they are not domiciled in Delaware which means that they can hit you with a very high premium increase with no approval from the state.  They are the only provider of the three that aren’t domiciled.

United Health One Delaware Benefit Summary


Delaware Medical Insurance

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