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This is our section on the Government health programs available in South Carolina to people that don’t qualify for health insurance whether due to health conditions or wealth issues.

In South Carolina, for those that don’t qualify for health insurance, there is the South Carolina Health Insurance Pool, which is the state risk pool for HIPAA-eligible individuals.  And of course it is also available to anyone who has been rejected for individual health insurance or has a condition that is not covered when the coverage offer is extended.  Additionally, you can get in the risk pool if the coverage is less than 150% of the cost SCHIP, or being offered insurance containing a reduction or exclusion for a pre-existing condition which exceeds 12 months.

Unfortunately, in South Carolina health insurance companies are allowed to practice discrimination and can turn down anyone that want so it is critical to not let your health insurance lapse.

For those people looking for South Carolina Medicaid information, you came to the right place.  This is our overview on some of the South Carolina government health programs.  You will find individual pages on each government health program along with contact and how to apply information.


Medicaid Program – Overview – South Carolina

Medicaid is South Carolina’s grant-in-aid program by which the Federal and State governments share the cost of providing medical care for needy persons who have low income. South Carolina began participation in the Medicaid Program in 1968.

Individuals who meet financial and categorical requirements may qualify for Medicaid. States are required to cover certain groups (mandatory groups) and states are given the option of covering other groups (optional groups).

Historically, Medicaid eligibility rules have been closely linked to those of the cash assistance programs such as the Family Independence Program (FIP), previously known as Aid to Families with Dependent Children, or the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program. However, in recent years, Congress has given states more flexibility in establishing policies for the different coverage groups. At the same time, Congress has added more mandatory coverage groups and placed more requirements on some of the services provided. See the Medicaid Program – Services topic for detailed information about the types of services provided.

Because the State and Federal governments share the cost of the Medicaid Program, States are given some flexibility in providing coverage to its needy citizens. For this reason, the rules for Medicaid coverage vary from state to state.

Healthy Connections Kids

Healthy Connections Kids is a health insurance program for uninsured children. Your children would be in a health plan and they would have their own doctor. The doctor would get to know them and their health care needs.