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United Health One

United Health One offers their standard fare in the South Carolina health insurance market including the Copay Select, Copay Saver, Saver 80, Plan 100, Plan 80, HSA 100, and HSA 70.

So, which plans does East Coast Health Insurance recommend for you and your family?  The Copay Select, if priced well in your zip code, is probably your best choice. Though, if given a choice I would make certain that other companies in South Carolina are not better choices.  In almost 90% of the cases we see, for instance, Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina and Coventry are almost always more affordable by a significant amount.



On the other hand, the HSA plans are usually more competitive and are pretty good plans in my opinion.  They are identical to the Plan 100 and Plan 80 except with a Health Savings Account component.  Still, like I said above, make sure to price Cigna, Coventry, Humana, Aetna, AARP (if you are over 50), and Blue Cross’s HSA Plans before buying anything.  You can get a United Health One quote on our health insurance quote page and see a comparison of all the plans in your city in South Carolina.

For even more information on United Health Care, you can check out their United Health One South Carolina Brochure, or go to our national United Healthcare page.