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Humana One – South Carolina

Humana is one of the top companies sold by East Coast Health Insurance, and their individual plans in South Carolina offer a great range of benefits for singles and families alike. The company began in the 1960s, building nursing homes and selling stock, and opened up its health insurance division in 1980. Over the past 30+ years, Humana has insured millions of Americans (5 million at the present time) with policies for medical, dental, accident, and life insurance. Their wide membership base contributes to the momentum the company has gained, serving large and small businesses, families, individuals, military members and veterans, and seniors.

Accredited by the NCQA in many states (not South Carolina, however), Humana’s insurance products stand among the best in the country. Their network has expanded to approximately 544,000 physicians and specialists, more than 4,000 hospitals, and more than 60,000 pharmacies throughout the nation. Humana One members in South Carolina have access to great benefits through copay plans, HSAs, and high deductible options. Members also receive special discounts on vision services, medications, several alternative therapies (massage, acupuncture), fitness center memberships, and other health-related products with their plan.




Humana One Plans in South Carolina


Copay Plans

For those who want the ultimate combination of savings and immediate access to benefits, a copay plan provides a convenient solution. Available in two deductibles, Portrait Share plans provide unlimited office visits for a copay, plus generic prescriptions and urgent care visits. Autograph Share plans cover up to six doctor’s office visits and generic drugs before you reach your deductible, and offer a higher set of deductible options for lowered premiums. Both plans offer brand name coverage after a $500 deductible, and cover all remaining benefits at 80/20 coinsurance in-network.

Humana South Carolina Portrait Share 80 Plus Rx Unlimited Benefits

Humana South Carolina Autograph Share 80 Plus Rx Benefits


100% After Deductible Plans

While some may consider upfront benefits easy, others may prefer to pay out-of-pocket until reaching their deductible, and receiving all services at no cost afterwards. High deductible plans in South Carolina include the catastrophic Monogram, and two Autograph Total HSA options. Monogram plans provide a full range of covered services, including office visits and prescriptions, and only one deductible choice of $7,500. Autograph Total Plus Rx/HSA plans are the most comprehensive HSA-compatible choice with pharmacy coverage, while the standard Autograph Total HSA has a discount card and otherwise similar benefits.

Humana South Carolina Monogram Benefits

Humana South Carolina Autograph Total Plus Rx/HSA Benefits

Humana South Carolina Autograph Total HSA Benefits


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