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Coventry Health Care is one of the best Southern health insurance companies, as they offer competitive benefits, low rates, and a broad network. For more than 25 years, Coventry has provided millions of Americans with health insurance coverage, and presently connects 5 million members to a national network of more than 580,000 medical providers, 64,000 pharmacies, and 4,700 hospitals. Their wide customer base is served in all 50 states, with individual and family coverage through Coventry One in 24 states.

South Carolina residents have access to a variety of health plans from Coventry One, all of which connect to a large HMO/POS network. POS plans gives members the ability to use their plan like an HMO, including plenty of benefits for a copay, and the option of selecting a primary care doctor. Members can also use non-network doctors for care, but at a higher price.

Coventry was purchased by Aetna in 2012, and in 2013 all Coventry members will be insured by Aetna.


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Coventry One South Carolina Plans

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Traditional Plans

A comprehensive source of coverage with many services available before you meet the annual deductible, Traditional Plans give members the comfort of copays. Unlimited visits to physicians and specialists are covered from $25, and all tiers of prescriptions are covered from day one of your plan. Chiropractic, urgent care, and emergency room visits are also covered for a predictable rate. Enjoy freedom and vast coverage with the these all-encompassing POS plans.

Value Copay Plans

With nearly as many covered services before the deductible as a traditional plan, these plan offer a lower monthly rate for great coverage. Your plan pays 70 percent of major medical costs after deductible, while emergency services are still covered for a copay ($500). Generic drugs are covered immediately, and brand name prescriptions are included after a $200 deductible.


Extra Value Copay Plans

An even more cost-effective option, Extra Value Copay Plans provide several services for a copay – including unlimited office visits with a PCP or specialist. Hospital care and prescriptions are covered at 80 percent after deductible, making this low cost plan a more desirable purchase. Access the same great network of providers and select one of six deductibles to best suit your needs.


Qualified High Deductible Health Plans

Pay the absolute lowest premium for Coventry One coverage with a high deductible plan, and combine your coverage with a health savings account for optimum tax benefits. All of your care including physician services, pharmacy, emergency care, and inpatient hospital stays are paid out-of-pocket, and no cost after your deductible is met. Choose from a wide range of deductibles ($1500 to $5000), and receive free preventive care along the way with any network provider.


To view Coventry One rates in your area, fill out a free, no obligation health insurance quote and see all plan details and premiums. Contact a licensed agent for a personal consultation at 888 803 5917.