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Cigna – South Carolina

Cigna plans, offered through Connecticut General Life Insurance Company, provide reliable coverage, along with a broad range of options and award-winning service. To protect your health, Cigna has put together medical and pharmacy plans that help keep you and your family well. With a full range of programs and services to enhance your coverage, Cigna emphasizes the importance of prevention and wellness. In South Carolina, Cigna’s network includes nearly 8,100 providers, and more than 80 hospitals statewide. Members have the choice of Open Access and Health Savings plans, both connected to the same broad network.

Not only has their service been award-winning, but their commercial plans are accredited by the NCQA as Commedable for their adherence to a high level of quality in care, providers, and keeping members healthy. Cigna offers emergency care, surgery, and hospital coverage in each of their South Carolina plans, regardless of your choice between copay or high deductible. Members also have their choice of affordable prescriptions, through one of their contracted retail pharmacies or via Cigna Home Delivery.



Cigna Individual Plans in South Carolina


Open Access Plans

With the most benefits of an Cigna plan, Open Access is a copay plan providing members with doctor’s office visits (unlimited) and generic prescriptions before their deductible. This type of coverage is indispensable, as you are covered for a fixed rate when you need to see a physician or specialist. The Open Access design allows members to select a primary care provider or choose their own doctors, in-network or out-of-network, depending on preference. After deductible, plans cover either 80 or 100 percent of major medical care.Cigna South Carolina Open Access Brochure Open Access 1000 Benefits
Open Access 2000 BenefitsOpen Access 3000 BenefitsOpen Access 5000 Benefits

Health Savings Plans

Pay less each month while building a tax-advantaged health savings fund for use with medical services. Your plan covers 100 percent after deductible, including a range of services from office visits to hospitalization, and nearly everything in between. These plans provide members with free in-network preventive services at any time during their plan year, and the great selection of the Open Access network. South Carolina residents who want a high deductible plan with great benefits, look no further.

Cigna South Carolina Health Savings Plan Brochure

Health Savings 2500 Benefits

Health Savings 3500 Benefits

Health Savings 5000 Benefits


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