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The largest city in York County and fourth-densest city in the state, Rock Hill is included in the Charlotte metropolitan region, and is home to more than 66,000 residents. More than thirty parks are located throughout the city, as well as nature trails and a botanical garden. Rock Hill also contains several museums, such as the Museum of York County and the Mint Museum of Art, just a few of the area’s cultural attractions. Old Town is a popular, revitalized historical district of Rock Hill where most of the city’s entertainment can be found, in addition to community meetings and classes. Events and festivals also take place throughout the year right in the city, and larger happenings can be found only 30 minutes away in Charlotte.

Rock Hill health insurance plans are available from five different carriers (six if you’re over 50 through AARP) and are priced similarly to other parts of the state. South Carolina rates are generally in the upper-mid range, and can be very expensive for women. And though males residents of Rock Hill may not love their rates either, a 30-year-old male can purchase an Aetna PPO Value 2500 plan for $139 per month, while a female of the same age and health status must pay a $217 premium. Some comprehensive plans cover a limited number of first-dollar benefits, while others include significantly more, like unlimited office visits and low cost generic prescriptions. Look for the latter when choosing a Rock Hill plan if you want to get the most out of your coverage.

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How can you decide on the best plan in Rock Hill? Firstly, choose a deductible you feel you may be able to reach. Although high deductible plans are less costly, ask yourself, how likely am I to spend $5,000 per year on medical care? If you do usually spend that much, you likely have a condition which will be declined anyway. Premiums may be higher, but usually choosing a lower deductible, around $1,500 – $2,500, will be more realistic. In this city, for a 30-year-old female resident such plans start at $167 per month with 30 percent coinsurance. For more coverage (20 percent coinsurance after deductible), the least expensive plan is the aforementioned Aetna plan at $217 per month, however, it only covers your first four office visits for a copay.

To find coverage with unlimited office visits and drug copays, 20 percent coinsurance, and a decent deductible, UnitedHealthOne offers a plan for $220 per month. This would be an optimal plan, with a large network and great customer ratings in South Carolina. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of South Carolina offers a slightly more expensive plan but with a lower deductible for $240 per month, including $15 copays on primary care visits and $25 specialist visits. The down side to this plan, however, is having a high out-of-pocket limit at $6,000.

Coventry One‘s most affordable and benefit-rich PPO plan of this sort has a $1,500 deductible, provides all tiers of prescriptions upfront, and covers more services than the competition for $261 per month. These plans are great as they also include copays for emergency care and chiropractic. The maximum out-of-pocket is $2,500, which is a bit more feasible than the BCBS plan. Overall, depending on your particular needs, there is a comprehensive plan that will fit.

To compare rates and view an exhaustive list of plans from each South Carolina company, get a free, instant health insurance quote.






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