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Hilton Head Health Insurance

Hilton Head Island is known for its gated communities, beaches, golf courses, and madras clothing, yet it also houses more than the yuppie tourist. Tens of thousands of people live in Hilton Head year-round, making it one of the more crowded towns in South Carolina. Hilton Head has also adopted an appropriately eco-conscious mindset, as the town places much emphasis on preserving land and planting trees. Though the bulk of happenings in the city occur during the summer months, Hilton Head remains an active community with a diverse culture and a deep history.

Despite being a resort town with a seasonally fluctuating population, Hilton Head Island is still home to 37,675 residents and the numbers are increasing over the years. Though access to health care may be somewhat limited as a result of location, the full range of South Carolina health insurance companies serve the area. Carriers include Coventry, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina, UnitedHealthOne, Cigna, Celtic, and Humana. Each of these companies offers a slightly different plan, which ends up dwindling down the selection of truly comprehensive coverage.



Hilton Head Sample Health Insurance Quote

To illustrate the variations in health plans available to Hilton Head Islanders, we ran a sample quote for a 32-year-old male resident in good health. Some areas have nearly identical plans offered by each carrier, but not this one. Each option is a bit different from the next, making the competition more dispersed. Coventry One offers the best deal for a male resident of this age (unfortunately women in South Carolina are charged higher rates), as Plan 20 is $134 per month with unlimited doctor’s office visits for a copay prior to the deductible. This is an essential component to look for in a plan in the most practical, money saving approach.

Alongside the Coventry plan is the Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO for $155 per month, with a similar plan outline and benefits. The office copay is half the cost of Plan 20, which for some may be worth the extra $21 every month. Both plans are about the same, with the exception that Plan 20 covers prescriptions with a separate deductible, and Personal Blue provides a discount card for pharmacy benefits with no additional deductible. These two are definitely the top plans to consider for this applicant, and there are great benefits to both.

As the premiums inflate to $200 and over, coverage is either more mediocre or certain benefits are lost. With the Aetna plan, though only a few dollars up from Blue Cross, has a limited number of office visits, which can be troublesome if you exceed 3 visits and have not met the deductible. If the purpose of insurance is peace of mind, these is potential of a slight loss in that case. UnitedHealthOne offers a dependable enough plan, as does Humana, but for the price they charge a healthy individual, it is not quite worth the expense.

For a Hilton Head quote custom fit to your needs like a bespoke suit, all you need is a zip code and a few other details. You may also call us at 888 803 5917 for a more personal assessment, less digital, assessment of your insurance needs.





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