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While the city of Greenville has 60,000 or so residents, the surrounding statistical area has over 1.2 million, making it the largest in the state when combined with Spartanburg and Anderson. Located in upstate South Carolina, several major national private health insurance companies service the area and offer relatively average pricing for their plans. The most trustworthy carriers offering health plans in the Greenville area include Aetna, Coventry, Humana, UnitedHealthOne, and Cigna.

Individual and family plans in your area range in cost based on family size, age, and the underwriting rules of each company for those who have a history of any medical conditions. The carriers in your area all have different networks of providers and coverage varies from plan to plan. In order to make sure you are receiving the most coverage for your money, make sure you compare the details of each policy. This includes what services are covered, how much they cost, and what type of payment (copayment, coinsurance, or out-of-pocket) they require. For further assistance with South Carolina plans and companies, call one of our brokers at 888 803 5917.


Health Plans in Greenville-Spartanburg

Residents can choose from a variety of plans, all of which you will find listed when you fill out a quote. Similar to other areas in South Carolina, Greenville health insurance has a number of more affordable options from Coventry One, with lower deductibles and premiums for the same number of benefits you get with other plans. Coventry One offers POS plans in Greenville, which are basically a cross between HMO and PPO, providing options and cost savings simultaneously.

UnitedHealthOne also offers some of the lower rates among the competition, providing a decent set of benefits and large national network. After running quotes for both male and female residents of the area, it is evident that these two companies offer the best prices, and the most unlimited doctor’s office visits in a good price range. Aetna’s options are slim, with one $2500 deductible PPO Value plan including only three covered physician visits for a $40 copay.

Coventry One has the most choices by far, though they do not include a plan with the usual combination of $2500 deductible, 20 percent coinsurance, and no limits on PCP visits we recommend. Their closest is CoventryOne Plan 8, with a $1500 deductible, 80/20 coverage, and $25 copays for unlimited office visits, so not a bad choice. For a 30 year old female resident, this plan has a $222 monthly premium, and for a male resident of the same age, it will cost $143 per month.

Cigna only offers an HSA plan with a $2500 deductible, so if you want to choose that carrier, be prepared to pay out-of-pocket until you reach that limit. Humana One is especially costly in comparison to the other plans, as it tends to be in some states and regions.