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Columbia Health Insurance

In South Carolina, the Columbia health insurance market caters to right around 130,000 residents and include such great health insurance companies as Aetna, AARP, Cigna, Coventry, Humana and United Health One.

East Coast Health Insurance offers instant Columbia health insurance quotes on our South Carolina health insurance quote page from all of these companies which you can even purchase online should you find a plan.  Or you can call any of our licensed health insurance brokers at 888 803 5917 for assistance in sorting through the vast amount of health insurance options in Columbia.

After studying different health insurance quotes for several different age groups and family sizes in Columbia, it is pretty apparent that Coventry One is the price leader and is in some cases nearly half the price of the competition for similar plans.

The second most affordable (in most demographics) is United Health One, which has a pretty standard type of plan in South Carolina.  I recommend their Copay Select plan in most cases, and the HSA 100 plan if you are looking for a Health Saving Account.

Humana and Cigna were very nearly the same price but came in fourth place.  Cigna though is very competitive in some demographics and might even be number two in your demographic.  I recommend running a quote for yourself, if you can to see what the situation is for you.

AARP doesn’t offer plans in Columbia and Aetna has a very limited plan choice, so they are not really significant in your quest for affordable Columbia health insurance.