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Charleston Health Insurance

The Charleston health insurance market caters to just over 100,000 South Carolina residents.  And for one of the smaller health insurance markets, there are ton of choices for the individual health insurance shopper, including Aetna, AARP, Humana One, Cigna, Coventry, and United Health One.

You can get an immediate health insurance quotes in Charleston, South Carolina  on our quote engine, which will enable you to see all the plans side by side in Charleston and you can even apply online, after selecting a plan on the company of your choice’s secure website.

A Brief Overview of Charleston Health Insurance

So which company offers the best pricing in Charleston health insurance?  In much of South Carolina the safest bet is actually Coventry One, which also has the best benefits.

Aetna is pretty affordable in Charleston, but their benefits are less than Coventry.  On the other hand AARP offers excellent benefits and much simpler underwriting, but is only available to people over 50, and additionally is not as affordable as Coventry.

The last competitively priced company in Charleston is United Health One, and if they come out as the most affordable plan for you, it is my opinion that the plan is quite good, and in fact I have it myself.

Which leaves Humana One as the loser or winner depending on your perspective, of our sample quote contest for having the most expensive plan in Charleston.  It is doubtful that they will be a good choice from a pricing perspective for anyone in Charleston.