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South Carolina Health Insurance by City

This is our table of content of page for what is our South Carolina health insurance section on cities. We will be breaking down the plans and pricing from our South Carolina health insurance companies by city and demographic.  (Of course much of this information is purely for the search engines so if you give up on reading it I will not be offended.)

With a population of 4.3 million South Carolina is by no means small but the cities are because the largest city in South Carolina has a population of just over 100,000.  Compare that to some of the larger states and this task becomes even more fruitless.  Usually I use a target population of 200,000 people to do an article or premium study, but in South Carolina I will have to break that rule.

In any event your best bet is to run your own South Carolina health insurance quote to find the plan that is best for you and your family instead of reading my boring articles but if you really like my writing then by all means have at it.

Additionally, if you would like me to a do a test premium study of your city or town please fill out our contact form and I will happily add you city to this section as I love my fans.

In the meantime you can look forward to juicy articles on such cities as Mount Pleasant, Charleston, North Charleston,  Rock Hill, and of course Columbia.  So buckle up and read on.

Columbia 127,029

Charleston 111,978

North Charleston 94,407

Rock Hill 67,339

Mount Pleasant 65,472