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Public Health Insurance Assistance Programs


Every Choice Health Insurance is an advocate for Americans in need of coverage. Our staff takes wants to ensure that everyone we assist knows their health care options, and assists with the process of applying for medical insurance coverage.

When you call us, we will provide you with all government programs, together with contact information, that can help you when you don’t qualify for health insurance.

We have also posted this information on this website, and we make sure that every state in our website has its own public assistance section to provide you with the tools to find health insurance or medical coverage of some sort. The late Ted Kennedy said, “Health care is a right, not a privilege,” and we aim to prove him right, at least on this!


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This is sort of an index page for all of our pages on the national programs available to those that don’t qualify for private health insurance. If you are looking for more specific information, you should find your home state, and visit it for state-specific government public assistance programs in your area.

We have been careful to list every plan from Medicaid to CHIP, to even the local public clinics in your city.


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