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Select Plan for Women

The Pennsylvania Select Plan for Women provides free family planning services to eligible residents who do not have health insurance or their plan does not cover birth control and reproductive health care. There are no costs to join or use SelectPlan for Women, as it is a Medical Assistance program designed to help women stay healthy and get the services they need. SelectPlan is entirely confidential, and will work with you to provide services and coverage discreetly. Once you are enrolled, this program pays 100 percent of all family planning costs when you use a participation provider. Members can also get free prescriptions at participating pharmacies. Coverage is unlimited and entirely free.


SelectPlan for Women Eligibility

To qualify for SelectPlan for Women, applicants must be Pennsylvania residents between age 18 and 44, who are U.S. citizens or legal immigrants. Additionally, you must not be pregnant or sterilized, and have no health insurance or a plan that does not cover these services. You may also be eligible is your health insurance does not cover prescriptions, if you are concerned about confidentiality in using other coverage, and also if you are the parent of a child on Medical Assistance or CHIP.

Income is determined by your household size, and cannot exceed 185 percent of the current Federal Poverty Level.


SelectPlan for Women Benefits

The SelectPlan for Women pays for a number of approved family planning services for its members. These include contraceptives, screenings, check ups, and other necessary services to maintain health. The following types of care are included for free with SelectPlan membership.

* Various methods of of birth control (pills, condoms, diaphragms, the patch, etc.)
* Family planning and birth control information and education
* Emergency contraceptives
* Routine health exams and pap tests
* Limited laboratory testing
* HIV testing and counseling
* Screening and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)


How to Apply

In order to apply for SelectPlan for Women the most efficient way, use COMPASS. COMPASS allows for high confidentiality and a quick online form. Once you apply, you can check your application status at My COMPASS Account. Applications are also available at your local County Assistance Office or to download and fill out by hand.

SelectPlan Pennsylvania Women Application

SelectPlan Pennsylvania Women Application EspaƱol

Many COMPASS Community Partners, such as family planning clinics also have applications. Locate a center near you by following the links below.

To find out more about the program, contact SelectPlan for Women at (800) 842-2020 or (800) 451-5886 (TDD).



SelectPlan for Women

Contact SelectPlan for Women

(800) 842-2020 or (800) 451-5886 (TDD)

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