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Independence Blue Cross

Independence Blue Cross® has been selling health insurance to residents of southeastern Pennsylvania for more than 70 years. IBC insures over 2.2 million people in the state, and 3.1 million including its neighboring regions of southern New Jersey and Delaware. The company is an independent, local nonprofit organization, and is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. As such, members are connected to the nation’s largest healthcare provider network, which includes 90 percent of all hospitals and 80 percent of all doctors in the country. Their products include medical coverage for businesses of all sizes, individuals and families, students, seniors, people with medical conditions, and low-income individuals.

Individuals and families in search of personal health plans in the Philadelphia area have plenty of options with Independence Blue Cross. They offer both HMO and PPO products, and an assortment of cost sharing and deductible choices, with the advantage of wellness programs with incentives and discounts for leading a healthier life. Additional coverage offered through IBC includes dental plans, guaranteed issue plans for high risk members, and plans such as Special Care, Keystone Mercy (Medicaid), and the Children’s Health Insurance Program for people who cannot afford to purchase regular coverage.


Independence Blue Cross


IBC Individual Plans


Copay Plans

Available in one PPO and several HMO options, these plans provide low costs for medical services, and keep you informed on how much each type of care will amount to. These are the most comprehensive plans offered in the region, with several choices of zero deductible plans that set a predictable rate for each covered service. Get coverage on office visits, prescriptions, emergency care, hospitalization, and even more with HMOs, including vision exams and maternity care.

PPO 30 Copay

HMO 10 Copay

HMO 15 Copay

HMO 20 Copay

HMO 30 Copay

HMO 50 Copay


Deductible Plans

For a lower premium, you can purchase a plan with upfront benefits such as doctor’s office visits, preventive care, and prescriptions, and connect you to a high quality network. Choose from PPO plans with copays and 80 percent coverage after deductible, or HMOs with copays for basic care and major medical for 30 percent coinsurance. PPO Advantage deductible plans offer a lower premium with higher cost sharing on hospital services.

PPO 8000 Deductible

HMO 5000 Deductible

HMO 2500 Deductible

HMO 1500 Deductible

PPO 2500 Deductible

PPO 5000 Deductible

PPO 1500 Advantage

PPO 2500 Advantage


HSA Plans

Save for the future or fund a tax-favored health savings account for use at any time on medical services with an HSA plan. Though members are are responsible for paying the full amount for services while their deductible is being reached, tax-free money from an HSA can pay for various types of care. Once the deductible is met, all types of care are covered, including prescriptions, physician care, hospital services, and emergency room visits.

PPO 3000 HSA

PPO 5000 HSA


Speak with an agent to decide if Independence Blue Cross is right for you at 888 803 5917.